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Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Powder Wholesale Price UK

Therefore, the new resin must be pretreated before use(white fused alumina). The simplest method is to soak the cation resin or anion resin in saturated salt water 2-3 times of the resin volume for a day and night, remove the mechanical impurities contained in the resin, wash it with clean water, and then install the resin in the exchange column(aluminum oxide grit). In general, backwashing should be carried out under the condition that the swelling rate of the tree brain shadow is about 30-50%.

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The smaller the resin particles are, the larger the backwash flow rate is and the larger the expansion rate is(white aluminum oxide). If the anion exchange tower and cation exchange tower are used, two-thirds of the column height resin can be placed. The volume ratio of cation resin to anion resin in the mixed bed can be between 1:1.6 and 1:2 according to different water quality conditions(synthetic corundum). Some units use the method of "hardness penetration" to check whether the exchange tower fails.

(aluminium oxide abrasive powder wholesale price uk)Backwashing can generally be carried out with raw water(white corundum). After the resin is installed in the bed, the effluent can be used after treatment (the same treatment method and regeneration method). The operation of cation exchange column and anion exchange column can be generally divided into four steps: water preparation by exchange, backwashing, regeneration and positive washing(emery abrasive). The last three operation processes are regeneration operation processes.

When the water is discharged, the operator shall check and adjust the inflow flow and pressure frequently to make it stable within a certain range and keep a certain water cushion on the resin layer(silicon carbide abrasive). The pH value of the effluent or the resistivity of the water shall be checked regularly(garnet abrasive). Due to the different water quality of raw water, different water quality requirements and different resin loading, the effluent is more or less fertile.(aluminium oxide abrasive powder wholesale price uk)

If the inspected items are more than or less than the required items, it means that the resin has reached the exchange end point and needs to be regenerated(green silicon carbide). The purpose of backwashing is to loosen the pressed resin and change the cover state of the resin in the water preparation, so as to facilitate the uniform distribution of the regeneration liquid(garnet suppliers), and to eliminate the impurities left in the water preparation and the bubbles produced in the water preparation.

The backwashing time required by this step is often 2-3 times longer than that of other columns(black silicon carbide). When backwashing, the tree inspection layer will expand, and the expansion of resin layer indicates the expansion rate. The expansion rate of resin is closely related to the size, specific gravity, water temperature, viscosity and backwash strength of resin particles. Regeneration is to treat the failed resin so that it can exchange ions again(steel grid). This step is particularly important for the first stage cation exchange column.

(aluminium oxide abrasive powder wholesale price uk)For the delamination of the mixed bed material, the backwash strength should be properly lifted to ensure the total expansion rate of the resin layer over 50%(aluminum oxide abrasive). During backwashing, the water passes through the resin layer from bottom to top. At this time, the water outlet valve is closed, while the air outlet valve is open, and the water is discharged from the air outlet(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The amount of water is also related to regeneration, water flow rate and resin use time.

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