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However, if the alloying degree of the material is not high(garnet suppliers), in other words, the stability of austenite is not very good, at that time, the material surface will undergo Y-A phase transformation, and it is easy to obtain martensite from the dry cooling rate. Thus, the surface hardness may become hard instead of autumn transformation(aluminium oxide blasting). The model of adhesive wear can be represented by holn model and Archard model in 1950s.

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If we consider the factors such as surface culture(steel grid), solid solution dissolution and precipitation, carbide change, alloy element diffusion and other factors, the problem is very complex. It is very important to study the dynamic characteristics of friction and wear. Up to 0.5-2mm, melting occurs locally. The results show that(brown fused alumina manufacturer). It is sometimes found that obvious phase transformation occurs on the surface of gears, from the original a phase to austenite.

(aluminium oxide abrasive wholesale suppliers south korea)The second kind of scuffing wear occurred on the helical gear and its shell of the axle shaft of a certain automobile(garnet abrasive). The material of the gear is 20CrNiMo. After alkali infiltration, quenching and tempering, the hardness is hrc58, while the shell is gray cast iron, and the surface hardness is hrc30. When working, there is lubricating oil(1200 grit aluminum oxide). After running for a period of time, the surface of bright body is glued, and other gold containing elements also diffuse.

The gold coupling particles adhere to the surface of gear, and the dry matter is convex(white aluminum oxide). The micro melting of friction surface makes the friction state more complex, which will have a direct impact on the wear of parts. The other is actually a friction and prying pair composed of 12cr2ni4a carbon gear and lead tin green steel shaft sleeve(brown fused aluminium oxide). The relative sliding velocity between them is as high as 4.6 m / s and the local pressure is 500 MPa.(aluminium oxide abrasive wholesale suppliers south korea)

Shear occurs in the subsurface layer of soft gold brush, sometimes the surface of hard metal is also scratched, which is the case when aluminum alloy parts rub with steel(silicon carbide price). The shear strength of contact surface is larger than that of dry soft metal, and is also greater than that of hard gold. The adhesive transferred to the surface of metal has an effect on soft metal(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Dry welding, also known as gluing, its essence is solid-phase welding. The following is an example to illustrate.

(aluminium oxide abrasive wholesale suppliers south korea)Due to the high temperature and the presence of lubricating oil on the surface, carburization occurs on the steel surface during the second type bonding(white corundum). It can be seen from the above analysis that the wear resistance of metal materials has little relationship with the microstructure and properties before the test (service) when the second type of bonding occurs(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). The mechanical properties change dramatically and the microhardness increases obviously.

Different from the first type of gluing, the lubrication state (especially the lubricant with sail, which is easy to decompose and volatilize) has little effect on the second type of gluing(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Under the harsh service conditions, the surface layer of the alloy is heated due to gluing, and all the surface of the gear melts and adheres to the surface of the wear piece(aluminum oxide abrasive media). The temperature of the dry metal surface is high, and the steel has the same size and secondary quenching.

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