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At present, the average operating voltage of the lower series is maintained at about 3.3V(emery abrasive), and the DC power consumption can be reduced to about 12600kwh, and there is still room for continuous decline of low voltage. It is completely possible to realize DC power consumption of about 12000kwh(aluminium oxide powder). However, many gold companies finally selected samples to strengthen the current.

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UI, I represent a stable energy supply during normal production period, and I represent energy supply matching paper press operation(aluminum oxide abrasive). At present, the technical conditions are optimized to maintain the appropriate molecular ratio. Achieve the goal of low voltage production(garnet abrasive). In order to maintain a reasonable thermal leveling system, it is necessary to increase the energy supply, which can start from the series of current.

(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers canada)From the production point of view, the current rise helps to relieve the production pressure(white corundum sand). When the electrolysis phase moves normally, the feeding and dissolving of the oxide phase are the main parts that affect the energy balance(abrasive garnet sand). The two periodic manual operations of plotting and pole changing can change the energy front port of the electrolytic cell, and have a great impact on the energy balance of the cell.

The reduction of aluminum level will inevitably lead to the decline of cell stability, which will affect the further decline and stability of voltage(silicon carbide abrasive). The so-called energy balance of electrolytic cotton (thermal balance) is that the energy received in the electrolytic cell per unit time should be equal(garnet sand). But actually it is equal to the voltage load, which is a balance relationship, which leads to the energy balance of low voltage.(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers canada)

Through analysis and comparison, it is considered that from the perspective of technology(aluminum oxide grit). The amount of continuous reaction produced by magnetic drop is small. Maintain the income of electrolytic refining heat. Let wa be an equivalent energy display before and after low pressure production(garnet suppliers). This is the self balance ability of the electrolytic phase, which shows that the electrolytic cell is a dynamic equilibrium.

(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers canada)When the voltage drops, the heat income decreases, and other parameters are needed to balance this change(green silicon carbide). From the point of view of saving energy, we should try our best to control the low-voltage production capacity, not simply to reduce the set voltage(abrasive blast media). We should work from the components of the voltage, optimize the transverse technical conditions, and lift the current intensity to maintain the thermal balance.

The reduction of average voltage mainly results in the decrease of set voltage, which can also be said to be the decrease of polar distance(synthetic corundum). The improvement of the energy mirror will eventually optimize the consumption of the rigid pole, reduce the uneven appearance of the lower floor distance of the rigid pole, and make the space band of voltage drop larger(white fused alumina powder), so as to make it as close to the voltage limit as possible.(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers canada)

Strengthening the current is equivalent to lowering the electrode distance again, which will also affect the stability of the cell(black silicon carbide). B take the voltage of 320ka electrolyzer from 4V to 3.9v as an example, subtracting the unchanged generalized voltage, in order to maintain a reasonable energy income(sponge media abrasive). In other words, there are two feasible ways: one is to lower the paper button, the other is to strengthen the current.

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