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Aluminium Oxide Blasting Grit Manufacturers Pakistan

As a kind of refractory with superior performance, brown fused alumina has incomparable advantages over traditional refractories. It is its outstanding performance that makes it an inevitable choice for people to choose refractories. Although its manufacturing process is relatively simple, it also needs to pay attention to the aluminum oxide grit temperature, so as to produce high-quality brown jade.

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The purity of brown aluminum oxide is very high, almost without any impurities, the crystallinity is particularly high, it is not easy to expand in case of heat, and it can also resist acid and alkali corrosion, so it can provide fire protection for any article, and also can ensure that the article is not subject to strong acid and alkali corrosion. In addition, brown corundum will not explode in the process of use, with a very high degree of condensation, and will never crack, which is very suitable for fire fighting.

(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers pakistan)In the case of high temperature, the silicon carbide abrasive will not change, and can timely prevent the spread of the flame, control the fire within a certain range, and the temperature of the article will not rise under its protection, so as to avoid spontaneous combustion. Brown jade can protect the goods in an all-round way and will not leave any chance for the fire. Applicable to synthetic corundum industry, construction, chemical industry, ceramics, smelting and other related industries.

green silicon carbide is widely used, and its quality is the most important. Therefore, the quality of white corundum is determined by the raw materials and methods. Another factor is that when the inorganic material - water glass is used as the salivating agent, its solid material becomes a part of the binder in the firing process, because it is a melting material. In the emery abrasive grinding tool, the binder plays a role of bonding and holding the spleen particles.(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers pakistan)

So it will reduce the fire resistance of black silicon carbide bonded wattle: different granularity, different hardness of grinding together, the amount of water glass added is different, so the impact on the fire resistance is different. It is similar to, but also different from, the tool holder shared by the cutting knife. In addition to ensuring that the foot has sufficient holding strength in the spleen cutting, it also It is necessary to ensure that the artificial corundum particles fall off in time, so as to maintain a good condition of splenectomy.(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers pakistan)

In the aluminum oxide abrasive manufacturing process of in CO, Hua: the binder should have good process performance, so that the molding material, contact blank and dry blank in the pre kiln stage have better characteristics, so that the production can be carried out smoothly. In addition, the physical and chemical changes in the grinding tools during firing are mainly in the binder, or in the direction of the binder and aluminum oxide blasting abrasive particles. Therefore, the performance of the binder is related to the burning of grinding Co Success has a significant impact.

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