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Aluminium Oxide Blasting Grit Manufacturers Philippines

In fact, as a result of sintering, the brown fused alumina density and strength of the powder particles increase. Firing is the last key in the whole process of preparation of brown corundum abrasive, and it is also the most important link that can not be ignored. It is to heat treat the green billets after forming under certain conditions, and then obtain the green billets with certain emery abrasive mineral composition and microstructure through a series of chemical and physical changes.

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Before 400 ℃, it belongs to the first stage of brown aluminum oxide sintering. When the temperature of the product reaches the sintering point, the grains can melt and bond with each other on the interface, so as to reduce the porosity between grains and achieve densification. Lay a thick layer of quartz sand on the firebrick, place the aluminum oxide abrasive media on the firebrick in order, and then sprinkle a thick layer of quartz sand on the firebrick to isolate the green bricks from the outside world.

(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers philippines)During the sintering process of green carborundum, the green body experienced the process from heating at room temperature to high temperature, then from natural cooling at high temperature to normal temperature. When making the sintering curve, it should be based on the performance of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit raw materials, the specification and size of abrasive tools, the manufacturing process and the final performance requirements of abrasive tools.

With the change of temperature, the properties of products are also changing. For the sintering of silicon carbide companies, the most important thing is to determine the sintering curve. However, the performance of the green body does not change fundamentally at this time, so the rapid heating can be used in this stage. Considering all aspects, it is necessary to make aluminium oxide grit suppliers sintering curve at 1450 ℃ and 1500 ℃.(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers philippines)

As we all know, increasing the sintering temperature is beneficial to the sintering of arc fused alumina abrasive tools and the performance of the final products. However, when the sintering temperature is raised to the melting point close to the main components, the abrasive tools will produce sintering deformation synthetic corundum price. Sintering time and temperature are a pair of interrelated parameters, so the setting of sintering time is very important.

(aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturers philippines)In this stage, the reduction of oxide on the fused alumina surface of particles, the gradual desorption and removal of adsorbed gas, and the melting of fusible components in the green body occur. Because increasing the heating rate can not only shorten the sintering time, improve the production efficiency, but also save a lot of electric energy. Finally, put the 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media into the box type high temperature resistance furnace and burn them according to the preset temperature firing curve.

In the heat preservation stage at 400 ℃, the main purpose is to allow the oxide film on the surface of synthetic corundum powder particles in the body to be fully reduced under the reducing atmosphere, so that there are more active atoms on the surface of brown corundum powder particles, which is a good preparation for the full sintering of the alumina grit body; at the same time, the temperature difference of each part of the rapid heating production in the previous stage can be kept in balance, so as to The thermal stress in the body is eliminated.

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