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Aluminium Oxide Blasting Grit Suppliers In China

The brown aluminum oxide abrasive can be divided into three levels and five steps according to the level of alumina. Among them, the first grade brown corundum and the second grade brown corundum are the most commonly used abrasive products in the industry. The brown corundum shaped sand is mainly applied to the grinding wheel. 

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The grades of brown corundum mainly include: first grade brown corundum, second grade brown corundum, second grade brown corundum, second grade brown corundum and third grade brown corundum species. The alumina content of brown corundum grades per step is about 5% difference. about. The appearance and use of different grades of brown fused alumina abrasives vary greatly depending on their chemical composition.(aluminium oxide blasting grit suppliers in china)

Taking the first-class white corundum as an example, the appearance of the product is brown-red particles, which are mainly used for fine polishing and polishing of high-grade refractory materials and precision workpieces. The second-grade and second-grade brown corundum are mainly used for polishing, grinding, grinding wheel, sandblasting of large workpieces, etc. white fused alumina manufacturer uses airflow pulverization to produce micronized abrasives.

(aluminium oxide blasting grit suppliers in china)The figure below shows the parameters of the silicon carbide price product obtained by specifying the material parameters as the experimental basic conditions. The main reasons for the impact are the material parameters and the airflow parameter variables. Through the statistics of the airflow variables, it can be seen that the production of white fused alumina suppliers is mainly affected by the airflow pulverization parameters. 

The material parameters of green carborundum abrasive mainly include: hardness, toughness, elastic modulus, feed size and distribution, discharge particle size and distribution, feeding speed and gravity acceleration affecting the total stress state of the material. Under ideal conditions, once the feed size and distribution, discharge size and distribution of the black fused alumina material are determined, the yield of the product produced by the jet mill system is relatively determined.

(aluminium oxide blasting grit suppliers in china)According to the above parameters, it can be found that the yield of the brown fused alumina abrasive and the degree of loss of the airflow pulverizing equipment and the seasons are different. Studying the parameters of the airflow pulverization problem can be carried out in a targeted manner to improve the actual output of the pink alumina abrasive.

Through the ball milling equipment, the silicon carbide companies abrasive micropowder can be shaped into particles, so that the appearance of the brown corundum is more regular. The following are answers to the abrasive particle shaping technology. By adjusting the pulverization process of black aluminium oxide micropowder, the particle morphology of the abrasive micropowder can be controlled.(aluminium oxide blasting grit suppliers in china)

The key is to control the strength of aluminum oxide abrasive pulverization, the mechanism of interaction between particles, the number of collision friction, and the residence time of particles in the pulverization zone. Spheroidized very fine brown fused alumina powder. The advantage is that the product has high tap density and no iron pollution, and the brown fused aluminium oxide disadvantage is that the yield is low.(aluminium oxide blasting grit suppliers in china)

The advantage is that the product has a high yield, and the aluminum oxide grit disadvantage is that the subsequent processing work is cumbersome. In the fluidized bed airflow shaping, the air pressure of the nozzle population is reduced, the atmospheric solid concentration is increased, the residence time of the material in the pulverization zone is prolonged, and the white fused alumina price collision is performed by collision, friction and grinding between the particles to remove the angularity of the particles.

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