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Aluminium Oxide Blasting Grit Wholesale Price

Brown corundum is a kind of man-made industrial raw material, which is widely used in refractory industry, consolidation abrasives of various materials, coated abrasives and grinding paste, etc. it is also an indispensable industrial raw material in the modernization of the country. So far, the national production capacity of brown corundum has exceeded 3 million tons, becoming the world's largest brown fused alumina production country. 

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Before the 1980s, there were only a few large state-owned enterprises in China, such as the first brown aluminum oxide grinding wheel factory, the second grinding wheel factory, the third grinding wheel factory, the fourth grinding wheel factory and the seventh grinding wheel factory, which produced brown corundum. At that time, the output was only over 100000 tons. Since China's reform and opening up, the production of black aluminum oxide blast media has mushroomed. Shorten the length of the short net. 

(aluminium oxide blasting grit wholesale price)Nowadays, energy conservation and emission reduction are not only the trend of white corundum national policies, but also the need to reduce costs and promote low-carbon economy. Now, Hongguang puts forward the following three suggestions on the research of energy conservation and consumption reduction measures in the smelting process of chrome corundum: Due to the rapid development of many basic industries and Corundum manufacturing industry, the demand for bauxite is growing rapidly. 

In addition, due to the irregular behaviors of some bauxitesilicon silicon carbide abrasive suppliers and intermediate links, it is difficult to guarantee the quantity of cooked bauxite used in the smelting of brown corundum, and the quality is seriously reduced, and the smelting cost of brown corundum is increasing. Therefore, strict control of the incoming standard of raw materials is not only the requirement of reducing white fused aluminum oxide production energy consumption, but also the need of enterprise survival. The specific measures to shorten the short network are as follows:(aluminium oxide blasting grit wholesale price)

The furnace transformer shall be close to the furnace body as much as possible under the condition of meeting the green silicon carbide safety distance and operation distance, and a support base shall be added under the transformer to make each section of the short network on the same level, and the middle position of the low-voltage outgoing line of the transformer is equal to the height of the horizontal plane of the short network, so that the section from the steel shot abrasive transformer outgoing line to the horizontal plane of the short network is omitted.

(aluminium oxide blasting grit wholesale price)The production of brown corundum still follows the traditional aluminum oxide grit technology and never changes. There are many joints in the short network of the dumping furnace, but the current through the short network is very large. If the connection is not good, the contact resistance will increase, which will not only increase the power loss of the short network, but also burn the connector. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the glass bead blasting media suppliers number of joints as much as possible.

For the joints that are not disassembled, the welding black silicon carbide method shall be adopted or the contact area shall be increased. The contact surface shall be kept clean and flat so as to have enough pressure. The connection mode of each part of the short network shall adopt welding as much as possible, or reduce the joint or increase the garnet suppliers contact area, and have enough contact pressure to reduce the contact resistance of each part of the short network.

Energy saving is related to the survival and development of the glass beads supplier enterprise. In addition, the improvement measures that can be taken include reducing the short network temperature, improving the electrode holder, reducing the additional resistance, improving the cooling mode of circulating water and so on. There are many ways, which will not be described in detail here. Reduce garnet abrasive contact resistance.(aluminium oxide blasting grit wholesale price)

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