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Aluminium Oxide Blasting Grit

The lubrication is good, the refueling tools are complete, and the oil quantity and oil quality meet the requirements(aluminium oxide blasting grit). All parts of the equipment shall be free from abnormal noise and vibration(aluminum oxide grit blasting). The foundation and support are firm and complete, and the connection is firm, without loosening, fracture, corrosion, or falling off. Its model is ctx22 / 75. 

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The machine instruments and safety protection devices are complete, sensitive and reliable(46 grit aluminum oxide). The heavy plate speed regulation meter and other devices are complete, accurate, sensitive and reliable. The indication of the flushing water valve switch at the head of the heavy plate is correct(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Driving device, spindle device, tensioning device, chain plate device, frame and supporting wheels, etc(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media).

The motor operates normally(glass bead blasting media suppliers). It operates normally without obvious deviation(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The heavy plate operates normally without obvious deviation, and the tightness of the feeding belt is appropriate. Cylinder ore washer is widely used for large and difficult to wash ores(240 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Check whether the water eye of the flushing water pipe, the stern shaft seal water pipe and the overflow screen are blocked. 

It is a kind of equipment with cylinder and screen strip, which can divide materials into + 50mm and - 50mm, and screen them at the same time in the process of scrubbing(aluminium oxide sand). Its work is that the motor drives the cylinder to rotate through the reducer(aluminium oxide blasting grit). All parts are not missing. Check whether the water hole of the flushing water pipe is blocked, and the blockage shall be dredged and cleaned(180 grit aluminum oxide).

The structural composition of the cylindrical ore washing machine(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit): the simplification device, the retaining supporting wheel device, the big gear, the driving device, the frame, the screen bar, refuel all parts of the equipment according to the lubrication standard table, and there shall be no lack of oil, which shall be recorded in the equipment refuelling record book(aluminium oxide blasting grit). If it falls off, install it and replace it in other cases.

The brand of lubricating oil (grease) shall not be changed at will, and the lubricating oil (grease) shall be clean and free of sundries(aluminum oxide 80 90 grit). Check whether the bolts of each part are loose, tighten the loose ones, and make up the defects. Check whether the screen strip falls off, deforms, breaks and the rubber sleeve falls off seriously(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The height of the inner and outer water retaining ring shall not be less than 180mm. 

Check the mold iron for looseness and falling off(steel grid). The loose iron shall be fastened, and the falling off iron shall be reinstalled(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). Check the rubber lining for falling off and perforation, install the falling off and replace the perforation(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Check whether the ore feeding is uniform and there shall be no return(aluminum oxide abrasive media). All parts are not damaged or deformed, and the material and strength meet the design requirements. 

The foundation and support shall be firm and complete, and the connection shall be firm without looseness, fracture, corrosion and falling off. No serious distortion or inclination. All parts are intact(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Observe the lifting and discharge of sand return in the tank(alumina sand). If the discharge is not smooth due to serious blade wear, report to the shift leader, and the spot inspector shall determine the treatment opinions on site.

All bolts shall be free of looseness and missing, and the outer shield shall be free of deformation and perforation(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The body is clean(alumina grit). Normal operation without obvious oil leakage. The outlet shall be unblocked, the feed pipe and overflow pipe shall be unblocked, and the valve shall be opened and closed flexibly(garnet sand). The concentricity, gear meshing degree and screen bar spacing meet the design requirements.

The appearance of reduction box, flange joint surface and cylinder, supporting wheel, retaining wheel, rolling surface and reduction gear components shall be free of cracks, deformation and scars(aluminium oxide blasting). There is no obvious degumming at both ends of the screen, no deformation, no break, no loosening(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The bolts shall be fastened in good condition, and there shall be no foreign matters at all operating parts.

It is similar in structure to the spiral classifier, except that the blades are of discontinuous blade type(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The liner has no cracks and perforations, the rolling ring has complete inclined iron, no looseness, and no obvious wear on the rolling-solid contact surface. The bearings and idlers of all parts meet the maintenance regulations(corundum sand). It is suitable for processing medium-grained hard-to-wash ore with more mud. 

The trough washing machine is also called trough scrubbing machine(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The advantage is that the production capacity is large and the washing efficiency is high; the disadvantage is that the particle size of the washing must not exceed 50mm(120 grit aluminum oxide). The flushing pressure is 147~196kPa (150m2/h). There are no cracks or scars on the reduction box body, bearing cover, shaft, bearing, and reduction gear components.

The foundation is stable, free of cracks, tilts, and corrosion(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). The foundation is stable, no cracks, no tilt, no corrosion(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The electric motor drives the left and right screw shafts in the water tank to rotate and stir in the opposite direction through the reducer and the transmission gear. No serious distortion or tilt. All parts are intact(silicon carbide grit). Check whether the sieve section of the sieve is stuck, and clean it up when it is stuck.

It is installed to refuel all parts of the equipment according to the lubrication standard table, and there must be no shortage of oil, and it is recorded in the equipment refueling record book(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). The brand of lubricating oil (grease) cannot be changed at will, and the lubricating oil (grease) should be clean and free of debris(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Check whether the butterfly bolts are loose, tighten the loose ones, and make up the defects.

The parts are not damaged or deformed, and the material and strength meet the design requirements(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Check whether the blades and blade seats fall off, pick out the ones that fall off, reinstall the missing blades, and handle the blade seats by maintenance workers. Check if there is any foreign matter in the tank, if any, it must be picked out(100 grit aluminum oxide). Check whether the ore feed is even and there is no return of material.

Drain water on the tail shaft to clean up the ore deposits at the tail, and the repairer will repair the tail shaft part(silicon carbide powder); if the screw shaft is lifted out, the ore deposits in the tank need to be cleaned up(aluminium oxide blasting grit). If they are blocked, clear them(aluminum oxide blasting grit). Replace severely worn blades (less than 270mm in length). This kind of ore washing machine has strong cutting and scrubbing ability, and strong ability to disperse small mud masses. 

All parts are missing(aluminium oxide blast media). The transmission gears have no cracks, no broken teeth, and normal liking(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The tooth thickness of bevel gears and spur gears shall not exceed 1/3 without cracks. The blade wear is not serious, the blade connection is not loose or missing, the blade seat is not deformed, and there is no desoldering(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). If the paint of the equipment is peeled off and rusted, it must be derusted and painted. 

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