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In smelting, in addition to the reduction of impurities and browning of ferroalloys that are the same as white fused alumina, there is a small amount of alumina produced by the metathesis reaction with iron sulfide and carbon. A small amount of these aluminum sulfides can be co-soluble with aluminum oxide sandblasting media when melted, but in After cooling, neither compounds nor dissolve each other.

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Aluminum sulfide fills the black aluminium oxide crystals. Single crystal corundum is smelted in an electric arc furnace using raw materials such as alumina, pyrite (FeS2), carbon materials, the aluminum sulfide is hydrolyzed, iron filings and the like. The frit is processed by finger crushing, sorting, hydrolysis, pickling, dehydration and magnetic separation. Aluminum sulfide has four main functions. The thickness of the pink fused alumina frit cast should not exceed 100mm. 

It is generally believed that the reason for the formation of white aluminum oxide is that the crystals such as MgO, TiO2, FeO, and SiO2 in the melt are microcrystallized by rapid cooling and separated in a colloidal state. The frit is cooled, sowed and put into water, and the separated single crystal corundum is scattered and becomes fused aluminium oxide particles with natural particle size and shape: AlS + 6H2O = 2Al (OH) 3 + 3H2St.

The content is generally controlled at 4% ~ 7%. Reduces the melting point of the melt. Aluminum sulfide stretches the pink alumina crystallization temperature interval to make the crystallization process of corundum very stable and the crystals develop well. Because the melting point of the melt is much lower than the crystallization temperature of black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media, the thermal stress of the corundum crystal is low.

Due to the presence of aluminum sulfide, more single crystals are formed during the black fused alumina cooling process. The corrosive effect of aluminum sulfide makes white corundum crystals tend to be equal in shape and the shape of particles is particularly good. The hydrolysis of aluminum sulfide in black aluminum oxide blast media cannot separate impurities from corundum, and it is bound to be mixed with corundum. Pickling can use 25% sulfuric acid solution. 

In order to remove aluminum hydroxide, iron sulfide, etc. generated during hydrolysis, black silicon carbide factory must also be pickled and washed. The principle, equipment, raw materials and process of making microcrystalline alumina are similar to brown corundum. In order to obtain the required aluminium oxide 36 grit microcrystalline structure, a quenching process of adding a microcrystalline accelerator and a casting method is adopted.

The microcrystal accelerator is magnesium oxide. The casting method rapidly cools the melt, forcing the aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh crystal size to become smaller. When broken, cracks only occur in a localized area of the entire abrasive grain. Because microcrystals are formed by combining single small crystals with irregular directions and positions, there is no obvious cleavage surface, so microcrystalline corundum sand have high strength and toughness.

In the smelting of chrome corundum, AlS is in the melt. It is precisely that these impurity components are mostly distributed in the crystal block in a colloidal state, so the crystal interface of microcrystalline corundum is different from brown corundum, and there are few impurity minerals that precipitate in the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit state of mother liquor. In addition, hydrogen sulfide produced by hydrolysis will react with iron to form iron sulfide and the like.

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