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Aluminium Oxide Blasting Media Switzerland

The buses on both sides of a and B are welded to form two rectangular fixed beams through the balance bus between the two sides, People set 4-6 blanking points at the intersection of the slit and middle slit of the anode group, all in the rotating ring of the flow field(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). According to the reaction formula: it is not difficult to calculate that the amount of HF produced per 1000kg of aluminum produced is 22.

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For every 1000kg of aluminum produced, the 200kA electrolytic cell series produce an average of 22~27kgHF, and the 300kA aluminum electrolytic cell series produce an average of about 35kgHF(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). Based on 35kgHF and the ideal gas equation of state, it can be calculated that in industrial production, for every 1000kg of aluminum produced, the volume of HF gas produced at a temperature of 150°C (423K) is 60.7m(alumina abrasive powder).

Therefore, the total amount of gas generated by the pre-cultivation tank for every 1000 kg of aluminum produced is 991+245+60.7=1296.7m(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). It is also known from calculations that the amount of flue gas produced during the electrolysis production process is actually very small compared to the amount of flue gas discharged, accounting for about 1% of the flue gas volume of a single tankThe pre culture tank is arranged horizontally in the plant(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland).

As the gas gathering system inevitably has an air leakage coefficient, especially when the cover must be opened, the air leakage is more likely(1200 grit aluminum oxide). There may be a variety of bus configurations that can achieve the same effect of magnetic induction intensity distribution, but they may not meet the requirements of economy, safety and operability at the same time(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). Refer to the table for the consumption of single bus in large pre culture tank.

What kind of busbar structure does the pre-cultured aluminum electrolytic cell have(aluminium oxide blasting grit)? Suppose the temperature of the escaped flue gas is 150°C (423K) and the pressure is 1.01333×10°Pa, according to the ideal gas state equation. The rectified direct current is introduced into the electrolytic cell through the aluminum bus(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). With the different current intensity of the electrolytic cell, the degree and speed of HF circulation accumulation are also different(glass bead abrasive). 

Here, T=423K; the amount of CO2 substance is 1257×10/44=28.57×10 mol, and the amount of C0 substance is 198×10/28=7.07×10 mol. 2kg(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). There are two types of aluminum bus bars: rolled bus bars and cast bus bars(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). The DC current is led to the anode bus on side a through the column bus and column soft bus on the large side of the tank, and then led to the anode bus on side B through the balance bus. 

Because each series forms an electric loop through the common bus and the substation rectifier part(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). Calculate with empirical formula(150 grit aluminum oxide): For large-scale pre-cultivation tanks, the air collection efficiency of the tank cover, the distance from the material surface of the tank cover to the exhaust port of the exhaust duct in the hood, and the control wind speed of the exhaust duct in the hood are basically constant values(steel shot abrasive).

The determination of the amount of smoke is mainly related to the tank capacity and the size of the tank(black corundum). At this time, the calculation formula for the flue gas volume of a single electrolytic cell is simplified. The busbar is not only responsible for conducting current, but more attention to its configuration, so as to minimize the adverse effects of the magnetic field generated by the current on the production process(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland).

In order to reduce bus current density and bus voltage drop as much as possible under economical and reasonable conditions, large pre-cultivation tanks use large-section cast aluminum bus bars, and only use rolled aluminum plate welding at soft belts and a few special-shaped joints(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). The anode bus is part of the superstructure(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). The configuration scheme that can fully meet the above requirements shall be selected. 

In addition to providing good production stability, the following must also be met(240 grit aluminum oxide): good economy, that is, the total cost of bus usage and power loss is the smallest; reliable safety, that is, under normal production and short-circuit conditions, The busbar has no overload phenomenon(garnet blasting media); it has convenient operability, simple configuration and easy installation, so that the electrolytic cell can be produced and operated(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). 

In the electrolytic series, the electrolytic cell at a special position is also in a special electromagnetic environment, and there should be a special bus configuration(alumina blasting). The most important and complex problem is the economy of bus consumption. The cathode bus is arranged around or at the bottom of the cell shell(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). The fixture installed on the anode bus compresses the aluminum guide rod of the anode group with the bus(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media). 

In order to compensate the magnetic induction strength of adjacent columns and cells, the cathode bus around the electrolytic cell is configured asymmetrically(fine grit aluminum oxide), so that the magnetic induction strength in the melt of the electrolytic cell is vertically evenly distributed, the vertical magnetic induction strength is inversely symmetrical about the X and Y axes, the number value is small, the magnetic fluid flow shape is symmetrical(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland).

The anode bus plays the role of conducting electricity to the anode group and hanging to bear the quality of the whole anode system(pink aluminum oxide). There are anode bus and cathode bus on the electrolytic cell(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). The anode bus of the previous cell and the cathode bus of the next cell are connected through connecting bus, column bus and soft belt bus(silicon carbide grit). In this way, the electrolytic cells are connected in series one by one to form a series.

For the pre culture tank of 240kA and below, one anode bus on both sides of a and B is hung by two hangers on each side of the anode lifting mechanism in a horizontal configuration(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). The blanking points are selected according to the calculation results of the flow field(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). The bus bars at the inlet and outlet sides of the cathode of the electrolytic cell are set with unequal resistance values in order to obtain good current balance.

Therefore(aluminium oxide blasting media), for pre culture cells above 240kA, due to the increase in the number of anode groups, the length of electrolytic cell and the load of anode bus, two anode buses are set on both sides of large electrolytic cell a and B respectively, and the two buses on each side are connected by flexible aluminum soft belt(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). Then it is hung by four hangers on each side of the anode lifting mechanism in a horizontal configuration(silicon carbide powder).

In order to prevent the escape of hot smoke, the amount of smoke had to be increased(aluminium oxide blasting media switzerland). A. The busbars on both sides of B shall have sufficient section size, and the busbars on both sides of a and B shall be welded and connected through the balance bus to form a rectangular fixed beam to prevent the bus from winding down(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive), twisting and deformation, the flow rate is moderate, and has good magnetic stability. 

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