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Aluminium Oxide Blasting Suppliers Poland

At this stage, the green body shrinks in volume, and it is easy for the green body to generate shrinkage stress. When the 220 grit aluminum oxide water content of the green body reaches point B, because the water diffusion speed inside the green body is lower than the surface evaporation speed, the water in the green body cannot completely wet the surface, so the 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight wet surface gradually decreases and the drying speed gradually decreases.

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When the body is dried until the surface moisture reaches equilibrium moisture, the heat diffusion causes the water to move from the 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media surface to the inside, the drying speed drops to zero. The moving direction is moving from the place where the temperature is high to the place where the temperature is low. External diffusion is the diffusion of water from the surface of the bad body into the atmosphere in the form of 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media steam, the water in the body is the final water.

(aluminium oxide blasting suppliers poland)The amount of equilibrium moisture varies according to the nature of the body and the temperature of the 150 grit aluminum oxide surrounding medium. At this time, and the final water in the body is generally not lower than the equilibrium water, otherwise the dry body will absorb water from the atmosphere to reach equilibrium. Taken together, the main factors affecting the rate of internal diffusion are: the nature of the billet. At this time, the bad body and the 240 grit aluminum oxide surrounding medium reach an equilibrium state. 

The temperature of the body. From the perspective of the 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media drying process, the essence of drying is the process of water diffusion, including external diffusion and internal diffusion. The speed of moisture diffusion and movement is proportional to the gradient of moisture, so it is called wet conduction (or wet diffusion). Damp heat conduction is the movement of water due to the temperature difference between the inside and the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media surface of the body.(aluminium oxide blasting suppliers poland)

Diffusion inside the 60 grit aluminum oxide concrete is performed inside the body, and there are two types of wet conduction and wet heat conduction according to its power. Wet conduction is caused by the difference in the water concentration between the surface of the body and the inside, which moves the water from the inside to the surface. It is mainly carried out by diffusion permeation and capillary force. The 180 grit aluminum oxide temperature of the green body is high, and the water viscosity is reduced to move easily.

(aluminium oxide blasting suppliers poland)Because the moisture on the brown fused alumina surface of the body is lower than the moisture inside, the wet diffusion is carried out from the inside of the body to the surface, but because the surface temperature of the bad body is higher than the internal temperature, so the heat diffusion prevents the moisture Diffusion progresses. There is a layer of SiO2 film on the surface of the abrasive particles, which surrounds the silicon carbide abrasive particles so as not to be decomposed.

The infertile brown aluminum oxide material in the blank is coarse and the capillary is thick in the blank. There should be a certain distance between the layers. The test proves that the suitable residual moisture with the highest mechanical strength of the blank is 0.4% ~ 0.6%. When the moisture absorbed by the billet reaches a certain level and fine grit aluminum oxide reaches equilibrium with the outside world, the water is called equilibrium water. The diffusion rate of water is large, reducing the rate of internal diffusion.(aluminium oxide blasting suppliers poland)

The difference between the water concentration on the brown aluminium oxide surface of the green body and the inside. The larger the wet diffusion speed is. The equipment used for drying ceramic abrasive tools includes an intermittent drying chamber (or a chamber drying chamber) and a continuous (tunnel) drying chamber. Its drying method is also divided into two types: batch and continuous. When hot air is drying, the heat transfer speed is slow, and the 80 grit aluminum oxide drying speed cannot be too fast.

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