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Aluminium Oxide Grit 24 Mesh Manufacturers Malaysia

However, the existence of impurity oxides in the industrial aluminium oxide abrasive grit will inevitably lead to the existence of liquid phase in the development and formation of plate-shaped corundum structure. That is to say, the aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit material in the temperature range of 1900-2000 ℃ is actually in the "semi molten" state with liquid phase. 

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It can be considered that the plate-like aluminium oxide blasting formed by electrofusion is neither in the "full melting" nor in the "unmelted" full solid state, but in the "semi melting" state. In addition, the volatilization of alumina in the presence of Na2O's own liquid phase should be one of the reasons for the formation of closed pores in the fused plate synthetic corundum price. Alumina calcined at 1450 ~ 1550 ℃ can effectively remove impurities after 3 ~ 4 times of clarification.

(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh manufacturers malaysia)For economic reasons, the first and third methods are generally adopted. The formation temperature of plate-shaped fused aluminum oxide should be slightly lower than its melting point. The calcined alumina is converted into a-Al2O3, and the true density increases. It is also formed in the process of fast growth of Al2O3 grains. alumina grit calcined at high temperature can only be used for pouring thick wall and solid products.

The ultra-high temperature and the brown fused alumina condition of Al2O3 material from "not melted" to "semi melted" are favorable for the volatilization of Na2O, which leads to the formation process of plate-like corundum and a self purification "purification" process with the volatilization of impurity oxides. The formation process of plate-like black aluminum oxide media is accompanied by the volatilization of Na2O and other impurities.(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh manufacturers malaysia)

The formation of many closed pores in the crystal is obviously closely related to the rapid growth of the plate-like brown aluminum oxide grains. That is to say, the movement speed of the corundum grain boundary is faster than that of the closed pores moving to the grain boundary and escaping through the grain boundary, aluminum oxide blasting abrasive resulting in the consolidation and enlargement of the closed pores in the crystal, which makes it difficult to arrange them Except.

(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh manufacturers malaysia)This method, especially methylene blue, is sensitive and simple, and brown aluminium oxide is commonly used in production. After calcined at 1750 ℃, the single crystal less than 1um in the pellets grew to 5-7um. Compared with the calcined alumina at 1400-1500 ℃, the comminutability of the calcined alumina was improved. Because of the crystallization of Al2O3, the spherulites in industrial artificial corundum become brittle seriously, and become easily split grains.

When the calcination temperature is increased to 1750 ℃, the comminutability of the aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive material is reduced, because to make the material comminuted into 2 ~ 3um fine dispersion, it is necessary to crush a-Al2O3 single crystal. The effect of calcination temperature of alumina on shrinkage of casting body. The porosity of aluminium oxide blasting grit calcined at high temperature is high, but it can also be reduced to zero at 1750 ℃.(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh manufacturers malaysia)

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