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Aluminium Oxide Grit 24 Mesh Manufacturers Spain

On the contrary, if the 100 grit aluminum oxide white particle size is too fine, the grinding can be weakened, and it is easy to block the working surface of the grinding tool, resulting in the increase of the grinding temperature, the deterioration of the grinding quality, the increase of the wear of the grinding tool and the dressing of the grinding tool after it is blocked, resulting in unnecessary non working loss of the brown fused alumina factory grinding tool.

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Therefore, for the resin bonded superhard abrasive tools, the overheating of the brown fused alumina oxide working surface of the abrasive tools will also cause the thermal decomposition of the bond, 80 * ~ 120 * for rough grinding, which will promote the sharp increase of abrasive wear. It is mainly used in the situation of aluminium oxide grit suppliers high grinding efficiency and low surface roughness. Its properties and application range are different. 

(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh manufacturers spain)In the superhard abrasive tools, the wholesale brown fused alumina proportion of resin bond is more than half. In this range, 120 ° ~ 180 * for semi-fine grinding, the grinding efficiency and wear condition of the grinding tool are the best. The selection of grinding tool concentration should also consider the shape and processing method of brown fused alumina 60 grit grinding tool. There are bronze bond, cast iron bond and cast iron short fiber bond.

The order of adhesion and wear resistance is as follows. There is an optimal brown fused alumina size range for the determined bonded abrasives. Its disadvantage is poor wear resistance, wear of the abrasive is larger, not suitable for heavy load grinding. Resin bonded diamond wheel is commonly used for semi-fine grinding and brown fused alumina suppliers fine grinding of cemented carbide and non-metallic materials.(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh manufacturers spain)

Generally, resin bonded superhard abrasive tools are selected with a brown aluminum oxide particle size of less than 100 *; ceramic bonded abrasive tools are selected with a particle size of 100-180 *; metal bonded abrasive tools are selected with a particle size of 80-240 *. The recommended brown aluminum oxide 250 grit particle sizes for each grinding process are as follows: 180 * ~ W40 for fine grinding and W40 ~ W1 for grinding and polishing.

(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh manufacturers spain)For grinding with special brown aluminium oxide requirements, rougher or finer grinding tools can be selected. For example, in order to improve the formability of grinding tools, the particle size selected is smaller than that used in general grinding. There are four kinds of binders commonly used for diamond and CBN Abrasives: white fused aluminium oxide resin bond, ceramic bond, metal bond and electroplating metal bond. 

Resin bond (code B) it uses thermoplastic phenolic resin as the main steel shot abrasive material of bond, epoxy resin and polyimide resin as the main materials, adding a certain amount of fillers, such as chromium oxide, iron oxide, zinc oxide, copper powder, graphite, corundum abrasive, silicon carbide abrasive, etc., fully mixing with superhard abrasive according to a certain concentration, heating and pressure forming in the mold.(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh manufacturers spain)

The adhesive strength of resin bond to abrasives is weak, so when brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers grinding, it has good self sharpening property, is not easy to block, has high grinding efficiency, small grinding force, low grinding temperature, and has a certain elasticity of the bond itself, so it has a certain polishing effect, and the white aluminum oxide abrasive surface quality is good, so the application range of resin bond superhard abrasives is wide. 

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