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Aluminium Oxide Grit 24 Mesh Suppliers In China

The chemical composition of the white fused alumina abrasive is an important index that determines the quality and performance of the abrasive. Regarding abrasives, GB / T2478-1996, GB / T2479-1996, JB / T7986-2001, JB / T7996-1999, etc. The content of Al2O3 in corundum abrasive is the main chemical composition index. Pyrite (FeS2) is the raw material for the production of white aluminum oxide abrasive.

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low density white alumina contains Al2O392.5% ~ 97% (mass fraction), TiO21.5% ~ 3.8%; white corundum contains Al2O397% ~ 98.5%, Na2O contains less than 0.5% ~ 0.8%; microcrystalline corundum contains Al2O394% ~ 96.5%, single crystal corundum contains Al2O398% ~ 98.6%; black corundum contains Al2O362% ~ 77%, Fe2O3 is greater than 5%; brown aluminum oxide 250 grit contains Al2O3 greater than 98%, and Cr2O30.15% ~ 0.4%.

Inferior bauxite is the main raw material for smelting white aluminum oxide, microcrystalline corundum, and single crystal corundum. It is based on a mixture of gibbsite (Al2O3 · 3H2O) and gibbsite (Al2O3 · H2O) as well as minor components such as opal, hematite and goethite. The quality requirements for alumina production for brown fused alumina suppliers are mainly the chemical composition of alumina, the melting point, and the bulk.

Carbon is a reducing agent for smelting brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers. Quality should be strictly controlled in selection. The raw materials are smelted to melt the raw materials, reduce the impurity oxides, and separate the iron alloy and corundum melt. The molten liquid is poured into a receiving bag, and the brown fused alumina 60 grit melt is cooled, and then naturally cooled, so that the corundum frit is cooled to normal temperature. 

Alumina is also called bauxite. After the white corundum smelting stage is completed, the purpose of refining is to fully reduce the impurity oxides, increase the temperature of the melt in the furnace, and meet the chemical composition requirements. The prepared raw materials are loaded into the electric arc furnace, brown fused alumina factory containing TiO22.2% ~ 3.8%; the degree of dehydration, and the electricity is turned on. have made relevant regulations. 

Aluminum oxide powder is the main raw material for smelting brown fused alumina oxide, chrome corundum, and zirconium corundum. Its main component is Al2O3, its melting point is above 2000 ℃, and it is a white powder with a content of more than 98.4% and a Na2O content of less than 0.6%. Iron filings are thinners and clarifiers for smelting brown fused aluminum oxide factory and dilute the concentration of ferrosilicon alloys.

The process of producing wholesale brown fused alumina mainly includes electric furnace smelting, cooling and granulation processing. Brown corundum production process The raw materials for producing brown corundum are mature alumina, carbon, iron filings, etc. According to the chemical reaction balance in the white fused alumina oxide mfg smelting process, the batching calculation is performed. Iron filings and cast iron filings are commonly used.

The cooling method is the key to the microcrystalline structure of zirconium corundum. aluminum oxide abrasive media Abrasive Production Process White corundum abrasive uses aluminum oxide powder as a raw material, melts at a high temperature in an electric arc furnace, and after melting and refining, it is poured into a receiving bag and cooled to form a buy brown fused alumina frit. It is usually petroleum and anthracite. 

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