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Aluminium Oxide Grit 24 Mesh Suppliers Italy

The fluctuation range of the white fused alumina suppliers raw material ratio of clay feldspar to quartz binder is generally: Quartz 15% ~ 30%, feldspar 40% ~ 65%, clay 20% ~ 35%, most of which belong to sintering binder, the binder is brittle, and the grinding tool is suitable for brown aluminum oxide 250 grit grinding hard workpiece. When the SiO2 and Al2O3 in the liquid phase reach the saturation state, the new phase secondary mullite will be precipitated.

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After calcination, the phases of the binder are: glass phase, mullite, quartz and feldspar residues. Clay feldspar quartz talc bond is a kind of sintered bond, which is mainly used to manufacture silicon carbide abrasive tools with medium hardness and above. It has a large acid-base ratio, strong blackcenter resistance and can prevent redness. And compared with the general white fused aluminium oxide particle size, the same hardness, the amount of binder is less. 

Because talc is a kind of strong flux, it can reduce the fire resistance of the bond, improve the strength and hardness of the white fused alumina price tools, but talc is also easy to cause the blackcenter of the abrasive tools, so in this kind of bond The content of talc shall not exceed 5%. If the firing temperature is lower than 1000 ℃, the red degree of the abrasives will be reduced. The forming methods of such white aluminum oxide abrasive include pressing, water pouring, hot wax injection, etc.

When the temperature of FEC is over 1100 ℃, Fe is decomposed, and the oxidation rate of Fe to Fe2O3 is the fastest at about 1300 ℃. The bond strength of clay feldspar borosilicate glass is high, so it is suitable for making 60m / s high-speed white corundum grinding wheel. This kind of bond belongs to burning fusibility(such as ultra precision grinding stone) , and the acid-base ratio is large, so the wholesale brown fused alumina products are not easy to produce "black center" phenomenon.

The coarse-grained (f36 to coarse) grinding wheel is generally used for white aluminum oxide rough grinding, such as casting cleaning, deburring, grinding the oxide skin on the billet, etc. During rough grinding, the feed rate is generally controlled by hand, and the force is uneven. This requires the binder to have good fluidity, stable high temperature performance, make the binder evenly distributed around the 100 grit aluminum oxide white particles, and also require the binder itself to have high strength.

The commonly used binder is clay feldspar borosilicate. Fine grinding tools (usually F150 or finer) are mainly used for white fused alumina precision grinding. This kind of abrasive tools should have uniform structure, stable hardness and good balance performance. The bond of brown fused alumina oxide fine grinding tools requires wide sintering range or vitrification range, not too large sintering shrinkage, and a certain toughness to ensure good shape retention during grinding.

The slurry of the binder should have less thixotropic and water-insoluble raw materials. It can be used as water pouring binder, such as clay feldspar loess (brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers) and clay feldspar (brown fused aluminium oxide), and it can also be used for pressing molding. At present, the firing temperature of domestic grinding tools factories is about 1300 ℃, and only a few small grinding tools are fired at low temperature (below 1000 ℃).

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