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Aluminium Oxide Grit Wholesale Suppliers In China

According to the latest forecast report in June 2015, the demand for 240 grit aluminum oxide refractories in the United States will grow at an annual rate of 3.3%, reaching $3.1 billion by 2019. With the slowdown of steel production, the revenue of refractories in 2014-2019 will be lower than that in 2009-2014. The sales volume of fused aluminum oxide refractories will also be concentrated on some refractories with long service life due to the reduction of overall production.

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In addition, the increase of the synthetic corundum price market demand for refractories with better use results not only increases the overall sales volume but also reduces the total demand for refractories due to the longer replacement cycle. The increase in the silicon carbide price of refractory materials will also increase the value of refractory products. In addition, the non-metallic mineral industry is expected to become the fastest growing market.(aluminium oxide grit wholesale suppliers in china)

The adoption of some high-cost refractory materials will also promote the growth of the overall brown fused alumina market value of refractories. In terms of demand, the market demand for refractories will grow at an average annual rate of less than 1% by 2019. The improvement of refractory technology will reduce the consumption per ton of steel. At the same time, the increase of green silicon carbide and mineral products will make the demand of non-metallic minerals grow faster.

(aluminium oxide grit wholesale suppliers in china)In the United States, the increase of the whole brown aluminum oxide refractory market demand only depends on the moderately increased steel production. The healthy development of the steel industry accounts for the largest proportion of the total refractory demand, so the impact on the overall demand is relatively large. By 2019, the market black silicon carbide of non clay refractories will grow faster than that of clay refractories, which is just the opposite of the situation in 2009-2014.

Non clay refractories usually have performance advantages, which is the reason why they are more widely used in some applications with large demand. The white corundum price of non clay refractories will increase faster than the price of clay products, thus generating value-added faster. However, clay refractories with their lower price advantages ensure their long-term prosperity in their application fields, especially in some aluminum oxide grit areas where non clay materials have no advantages.(aluminium oxide grit wholesale suppliers in china)

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