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Aluminium Oxide Material For Blasting Suppliers China

The lining body of the air supply branch pipe and the hot air climbing, etc., is generally poured by refractory castable(white fused alumina). The material should have the characteristics of good volume stability, high strength, low thermal conductivity, good thermal shock stability and convenient construction(glass bead blasting media suppliers). During the production process The lining does not flake or crack, and has a long service life.

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The material uses high-grade aluminate cement as binder, alumina powder as powder, and corundum as refractory aggregate(white aluminum oxide). The average service life of the pipe lining used in the ordinary irrigation method is 7.2 months; the average life of the pipe lining formed by the centrifugal method is 13 months at the beginning, and after improvement(steel grid). The surface temperature of the tube shell decreased from 354 ℃ to 268 ℃.

The lining made of this material has a long service life, but it has a large thermal conductivity, fast heat dissipation(white corundum). At present, the lining of the supply pipe, connecting pipe and hot air reading of the large and medium-sized blast furnaces in Japan are generally The spleen No. CN140 and H160-1 refractory castables are used for production(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media), and good results are obtained, and the service life is generally about 2.5 years.

The working lining of the elbow, upper spherical surface, nozzle base, lower spherical surface and nozzle is poured with refractory castables(silicon carbide price), the thickness is 75 ~ 110, 75, 75 ~ 95, 75 and 40 mm respectively; the common insulation layer uses wheel refractory The castable is poured, and the thickness is 50 ~ 110, 50, 50, 50 and 83 mm respectively(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit), and a high temperature of the tube shell, the average life is 38.4 months.

First, place the direct injection pipe on the molding machine(arc fused alumina), pour in the light-weight refractory castable with thermal conductivity of 0.18 kcal / m · h · ℃, centrifugally form the heat insulation layer (the flatness is 20 ~ 40 mm); after curing, then Forming working layer of castable with fire (thickness 40 ~ 50mm). The working layer of sticky brick is 170 mm thick(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer), and the thickness of light brick insulation layer is 350 mm.

The service life is better than refractory brick lining. Refractory bricks are generally used for blast furnace hot air pipe and other parts(fused alumina). Production practice has proved that in many parts of the blast furnace system in various countries, amorphous refractory materials are used as linings, and good results have been achieved(white aluminum oxide sand). Japanese blast furnace hot air valve is made of special steel, refractory castable lining is poured on the surface.

The large blast furnace hot air surrounding pipe and air supply branch pipe of a factory in China are lined with high alumina phosphate refractory castables(garnet abrasive), using one furnace, with only slight mushroom damage, and the direct injection pipe part is also made of the same material. At present, the ladle is more commonly used, and its inner lining is mainly made of aluminum silicate refractory bricks(white fused alumina make company). The effect is better.

After the iron ladle of the Yesu Steel Plant is impregnated with tar and adhered with a brick lining, the service life is doubled compared with the unimpregnated(garnet suppliers). In this case, high-alumina brick, andalusite brick, impregnated brick or alkaline brick should be used as the lining of the vulnerable part of the tank lining(aluminium oxide for blasting). Open type hot metal tank is also called refilling water bag, which is the traditional hot metal equipment.

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