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Aluminium Oxide Material For Blasting Wholesale Belgium

The greater the thermal expansion rate of refractory products, the worse the thermal shock resistance; the higher the thermal conductivity of products(aluminium oxide sandblasting). The microstructure, particle composition and shape of refractory products are all affected by thermal shock resistance(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). China metallurgical standard (Yb / t376.1-1995) adopts the straight brick water quenching method to measure the thermal shock resistance of refractory products.

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Generally speaking, the key point is to extend the heated end face of straight brick with length of 200-230mm, width of 100-150 mm and thickness of 50-100 mm into the furnace preheated to 1100 ℃ for 50 mm and keep for 20 min(artificial corundum). In addition, after the completion of the heat preservation process, take out the sample from the furnace, quickly immerse the heated end into flowing cold water for quenching for 3min, and then dry it(150 grit aluminum oxide).

The thermal shock resistance of the specimen was characterized by the number of thermal cycles with half of the heated end surface damaged(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). China metallurgical standard (Yb / t4018-1991) adopts the strip test method to determine the thermal shock resistance of dense shaped refractory products(60 grit aluminum oxide). The main reason that affects the thermal shock resistance of refractory products is the physical properties of products.

The other is to pay attention to the material selection of refractories(white alumina powder). The rotating impregnation method should try to select refractories that are similar to the slag chemistry or components to reduce the reaction strength on their interface. In addition, the slag resistance of refractories is mainly related to the chemical mineral composition and organizational structure of refractories(fused aluminum oxide), as well as the properties of slag and their mutual conditions.

Slag erosion is the most common form of damage in the use of large-scale materials(white fused alumina suppliers), such as the damage of various steel-making furnace linings, working villages of steel buckets, linings of iron-making furnaces from the lower part of the furnace body to the hearth, many non-ferrous metallurgical linings(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media), the walls of glass furnaces, and the villages in cement rotary kilns, such as thermal expansion and thermal conductivity.

It is an effective way to improve the slag resistance of products by using high-purity refractory raw materials(white fused alumina), improving the chemical and mineral composition of products, reducing the content of low melting matter and impurities as much as possible. The international standard (lso2478) and the Chinese standard (GB / t5988-1986) stipulate the test method of linear change rate of dense shaped refractory products(aluminium oxide blasting), the better the thermal shock resistance.

For example(white aluminum oxide), the basic refractory should be selected as the lining of the basic metallurgical furnace, or the slag composition should be changed as much as possible to make it close to the refractory composition used, which is also one of the ways to improve the slag resistance of the refractory, and increasing the temperature of liquid phase and reaction with the outside world(220 grit aluminum oxide). High temperature slag dropping method.

In the use of refractories, it should also be noted that the chemical properties between the materials used should be similar to prevent or reduce the interface damage reaction under high temperature conditions(white fused alumina manufacturer). There are two methods to determine the slag resistance of refractories: static method and dynamic method(80 grit aluminum oxide). 230mm × 114mm × slag resistance refers to the ability of refractories to resist slag erosion and erosion at high temperature.

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