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Aluminium Oxide Polishing Compound Producers China

Silicon carbon direct reaction (silicification of carbon) this is a method used by European manufacturers to make metal silicon powder and carbon black react at 1000 ~ 1400 ℃(white fused alumina for refractory). However, the cost of silicon raw material is better than that of dioxide, and the process seems to be simple. There are two kinds of gas phase method(white aluminium oxide super fine). A lot of efforts can be made to the heat source, such as argon high-frequency induction plasma.

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No matter which method is used, it is easy to obtain the finer powder with high purity(aluminum oxide 40 grit). One is the gas-phase reaction method to make SIH, sic1 and other gases react with hydrocarbons such as CF4 and CAH; the other is the gas-phase hot bag method of pyrolysis of Sich, C13, Si (CH) 2C12, Si (CHS) polycarbonate and silane. At this time, high purity raw materials are mainly used, and silicon and carbon sources are fine particles, while 1 is evenly dispersed(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The main impurities are free carbon and oxygen.

(aluminium oxide polishing compound producers china)Some enterprises use these methods to prepare powders for their own consumption(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). However, there are also reports on batch research in this way recently. For example, it is reported that tetramethylsilicon is pyrolyzed at 750 ~ 1100 ℃. This powder was not normally supplied before. However, other methods are not one-step synthesis of SiC from raw materials(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). A hybrid plasma of high frequency plasmon and direct precipitation plasma and CO2 laser.

It is suggested that precursor materials should be synthesized by chemical process and then heated to obtain SiC(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). For example, the method of collecting the dispersive mixture of silica containing aerosol or silicon dioxide prepared from halides and alkylates of silicon dioxide and the aerosol of monomer carbon prepared from hydrogen carbide is heated in a reaction furnace at 1600 ~ 1800 ℃(white aluminum oxide grit). However, the purity of SiC powder is 96 ~ 97%. Now the oxygen content in powder products is about 1%.(aluminium oxide polishing compound producers china)

It is estimated that oxygen exists in the form of free SiO2(wilson abrasive). Chemical composition although the method of measuring the chemical composition of submicron fine powder has its own problems. Because it is a fine powder, the oxygen content will increase. Because trace metal impurities, such as Fe, Al, etc., have an effect on sinterability and properties of sintered products, even trace impurities must be paid attention to(low sodium white fused alumina). These methods are mainly studied in public research institutions.

(aluminium oxide polishing compound producers china)The powder produced by the gas phase process is expected to have lower impurities than those listed in the table(high purity fused aluminum oxide). We are interested in the level of properties (including chemical composition) of the powders we can obtain. The average particle size is less than 0.5 μ n, there are no particles more than 2am, and the specific surface area is about 15m2 / g(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). at present, the sintering technology using this powder can basically achieve the required performance.

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