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Aluminium Oxide Polishing Compound Suppliers Ireland

High-purity alumina mud casting products are generally fired at 1780~1800℃ and heat preservation for 4~6h(white fused alumina for refractory). For example, adding a small amount of additives and burning aids can reduce the firing temperature of the products. The grain firing temperature of sintered alumina also has a great influence on the sintering performance of cast products(aluminum oxide 40 grit). Wet grinding is used in the ball mill. The size of the ball mill is 700mm × 760mm.

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In the rubber village, 95 ceramic balls are used as dielectric balls, and the number of revolutions is 56-58r/min(brown fused alumina). The amount of hot wax slurry added should not be less than one-fourth of the volume of the slurry, nor greater than four-fifths of the volume of the slurry barrel, and the temperature of the slurry should be maintained at 65-70°C(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). Mix in a vertical heating fast mixer with a diameter of 500mm, a height of 700mm, and a rotation speed of 400r/min.

(aluminium oxide polishing compound suppliers ireland)Mixture: Porcelain ball: Water: Methyl cellulose=1:1.5:1:0.04(brown aluminum oxide). The ball mill is loaded with about 80kg each time, and the grinding time is about 60h. After grinding, the particle size of the mixture is 10~5um, about 20%, 5-2um, about 40%, and less than 2um, about 0%. After grinding, the slurry must be filtered through a 100-mesh sub-filter(arc fused alumina). After the filtrate is filtered through a filter press to remove most of the water, it is dried at 200-250°C for more than 20h.

Paraffin, beeswax and oleic acid are heated and melted in an aluminum pan, the heating temperature is about 150℃(brown aluminium oxide), and they are passed through a Q.147mm (100 mesh) screen before use. Each time can be mixed 80kg. Add paraffin wax mixture first, then add mixed powder, stir for 6h, until the mixture is even, no powder mass, put the slurry in the sugar burner to cool, make a wax cake for future use(glass beads supplier). The residual moisture of the dry material should be less than 0.1%.(aluminium oxide polishing compound suppliers ireland)

Wax cakes are placed in a mixing tank with a diameter of 650mm(silicon carbide price), a height of 730mm, a revolution of 31t/min, and heat preservation with No. 30 engine oil before use, and must be constantly stirred to eliminate bubbles in the slurry and prevent the material from separating from the slurry. According to the shape and structure of the product, it is necessary to design and process a detachable combined metal mold with a ruler rate of 16%-17%(fused alumina), while leaving a grouting hole and a vent hole.

(aluminium oxide polishing compound suppliers ireland)Ingredients: powder: paraffin: beeswax: oleic acid = 100: 15.5: 0.5: 0.5(green carborundum). When the slurry is less than one-fourth of the volume of the slurry barrel, the wax slurry should be reheated immediately, and the mixture should be evenly mixed before injection. In order to improve work efficiency, multi-mode hot press injection operation can be used. Formed on Z03-106-1 vacuum stirring hot press injection machine(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). The wax slurry should be screened with a 0.246-0.175mm (60-80 mesh) sieve before use.

During hot press injection, the stamping should be completed at one time, and the air pressure is 0.4-0.6MPa(silicon carbide companies), and there should be no pause in the middle to prevent the lamination of the green body or the phenomenon of hole measurement. After the potassium is pressed, the mold can be quickly cooled with clean water and demolded and repaired immediately(black oxide aluminum). The slurry temperature should be controlled between 65-70℃.(aluminium oxide polishing compound suppliers ireland)

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