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Aluminium Oxide Polishing Compound Wholesale Malaysia

Electroplating production workshop(white fused alumina), pre-treatment workshop, hazardous waste storage place: the electroplating Center adopts impermeable concrete to cast the ground floor. According to the analysis of pollution channels and corresponding measures, the land hardening and anti-seepage ground should be adopted in other water related areas(emery abrasive). The project needs to effectively prevent all possible ways of groundwater impact.

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According to the anti-seepage requirements of different areas(white aluminum oxide), enterprises lay epoxy resin glass reinforced plastic and granite in key and general anti-seepage areas for anti-seepage treatment, so as to prevent wastewater (liquid) from infiltrating into the soil layer and underground water layer under the foundation(brown fused alumina suppliers): hazardous waste The establishment and management of temporary storage place shall be strictly implemented

(aluminium oxide polishing compound wholesale malaysia)Formulate and implement the corresponding environmental risk accident emergency plan(white corundum). The cyanogen containing wastewater pretreatment facility adopts two-stage chlorine oxidation cyanogen breaking treatment process, which has been completed and put into operation(garnet abrasive). Chemical reduction, neutralization, coagulation and sedimentation processes are adopted in the pretreatment facilities for chromium containing wastewater.

On the basis of impermeable reinforced concrete structure with corresponding strength, neicun epoxy resin glass fiber reinforced plastic is used for anti-corrosion treatment(silicon carbide abrasive). The design treatment capacity of the first stage project is 250 / d. The design treatment capacity of the first stage project is 300 / d(glass bead blasting media suppliers). During the operation period, strict management and patrol inspection should be strengthened to find the leakage of pollutants in time. 

After pretreatment, nickel containing wastewater enters advanced treatment facilities and reclaimed water reuse facilities(green silicon carbide). All electroplating wastewater is collected to the relevant storage tank of wastewater treatment station by PVC and other anticorrosive plastic pipes(garnet suppliers); the separation system of clean water and sewage is improved to ensure that the wastewater can be discharged into the wastewater treatment system or emergency pool smoothly.(aluminium oxide polishing compound wholesale malaysia)

After pretreatment, the chromium containing wastewater enters the advanced treatment facilities and reclaimed water reuse facilities(black silicon carbide). Effective anti-seepage measures have been taken at the relevant sites of the project, so the pollutants will not enter the shallow groundwater quickly through the vadose zone(steel grid), easy to make drug warehouse, and the potential impact and threat of the project wastewater pollutant discharge on the groundwater are small.

On the premise of ensuring the implementation of various anti-seepage measures and strengthening the maintenance and environmental management of the plant area(aluminum oxide abrasive), the infiltration of wastewater pollutants in the plant area can be effectively controlled to avoid groundwater pollution(wholesale brown fused alumina). Therefore, the project will not have obvious impact on the regional groundwater environment. At present, it has been completed and put into operation.

(aluminium oxide polishing compound wholesale malaysia)Catalytic oxidation and coagulation sedimentation processes are adopted in the pretreatment facilities for nickel containing wastewater(aluminum oxide grit). The cyanide containing wastewater is pretreated and incorporated into the copper containing wastewater treatment facility for further treatment. Once the leakage occurs, timely treatment, inspection and maintenance of equipment(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), to minimize the environmental risk accident of pollutant leakage.

The first phase of the project has been completed and put into operation, with a design treatment capacity of 700 / d(synthetic corundum). It is mainly used to collect the chromium containing wastewater from the corresponding plating grid and chromium containing passivation devices of various electroplating enterprises in the park(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit), as well as the chromium containing wastewater discharged from the chromium acid mist waste gas treatment device at the edge of the tank.

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