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Aluminium Oxide Polishing Compound Wholesale Turkey

Type I resin has good thermal stability and oxidation stability, while type I resin has poor heat resistance and can not be used under oxidation conditions(aluminum oxide grit). For Na to be separated from water and transferred to resin, it is an ion adsorption process, while for H ion which can be freely exchanged on tree boat, it is a desorption process(white fused aluminum oxide). The result of adsorption and desorption makes h and Na ion exchange with each other.

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The type of acid distribution pipe is more porous single pipe(garnet abrasive). The basicity of type I resin is stronger than that of type I resin. The same is true of the anion exchange process. Weak basic resin and weak acid resin also have strict requirements on pH value, in the exchange process(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). The mechanism of pure water production by swearing exchange method mainly lies in the exchangeability between ions in water and ion exchange resin. 

(aluminium oxide polishing compound wholesale turkey)It can completely remove weak acid groups (such as silicates) in water, while the removal capacity of l-monitor resin is less than that of L-Block resin(white fused alumina). However, compared with type 1, the exchange capacity of i-surplus resin is large, and the chloride ion in water has no actual effect on the exchange capacity(garnet suppliers). Type I resin is not, when there are more chloride ions in the water, the resin exchange capacity will be reduced.

At present, styrene type weak acid anion exchange resin (such as domestic 701 and 704 linings) is commonly used(white aluminum oxide). This kind of resin is weak in alkalinity, so it can only exchange with strong acid ion (so I) Ci and so on in water. The dissociation ability of this resin in water is very weak, so the exchange speed is very slow(glass bead blasting media suppliers). However, the exchange capacity of the resin is strong, and the regeneration of the resin is easy.

With the increase of pH value, the oh ion in the liquid phase will inhibit the dissociation of resin exchange group, thus affecting the ion exchange process(white corundum). Ion exchange resin is composed of solid resin body and exchange group, in the ion exchange reaction, and exchange group is composed of two parts, namely, the waking connection part with body and the free exchange ion(steel grid). The regeneration process is the same.(aluminium oxide polishing compound wholesale turkey)

Ion exchange reaction is the exchange process between free exchange ions and same-sex ions in water(silicon carbide price). The cation exchange resin is represented by HR, and the anion exchange tree is represented by Roh. The reaction process of ion exchange can be represented by the following reaction formula(brown fused alumina for abrasive): when a Na in the water is adsorbed on the resin, there must be a H ion in the resin that can be freely exchanged in the water.

(aluminium oxide polishing compound wholesale turkey)In addition to the law of exchange equilibrium, ion exchange reaction also follows the law of conservation of mass(aluminum oxide abrasive). Therefore, the ion exchange is equivalent (i.e. an equivalent Na * replaces a chiseled quantity h *). After exchange, the Na * ion adsorbed by the resin must be replaced by the equivalent H "ion(aluminium oxide for blasting). The device and operation mode of ion exchange water treatment can be divided into the following types.

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