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Aluminium Oxide Polishing Powder Manufacturers China

Polymers, also known as polymer compounds, can be divided into natural polymers and synthetic polymers according to their sources(white corundum). Natural polymers are widely distributed, including proteins, hairs, horns, leathers, gums, cellulose and starch in plant cell walls, rubber in rubber plants, condensed cooking oil, shellac secreted by some insects(white aluminum oxide blast media), and conifers buried in the ground for tens of thousands of years The formation of zupper and so on.

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With the development of production and the progress of science and technology(glass beads manufacturers), the materials formed by these polymers are far from meeting people's requirements, so people have synthesized a large number of varieties of polymer compounds with excellent performance. These synthetic polymers can be made of thick fluid, tough organic material or elastomer(buy brown fused alumina). The former is called synthetic resin, and the latter is called synthetic rubber.

Polymer compounds can be made into materials of various uses by appropriate methods(garnet abrasive price). It can be obtained by polymerization of small organic compounds, or by organic chemical reaction of a polymer compound. Therefore, the polymer has less impurities and high purity. The methods of free radical blending include four methods(white aluminum oxide abrasive): bulk polymerization, emulsion polymerization, suspension polymerization and solution polymerization.

For example, through chemical copolymerization(white fused alumina), cross-linking, macromolecular group reaction and other ways to get new polymer compounds, there are different methods in Chemical Co encapsulation, such as grafting, block, alternating copolymerization and so on(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). This way not only can produce new structure polymer, but also is a common method for chemical modification of polymer compounds, and the recovery process is omitted.

There are different classification methods for the synthesis reaction of vesicles according to different basis(glass bead abrasive). In the process of polymer polymerization, the reaction product is not a simple component, but a mixture of homologues with different molecular weight and different structure, so as to change the molecular weight of macromolecules(corundum white). It can not be refined by common product refining methods such as steaming, condensation, extraction and so on.

Bulk polymerization is the polymerization of monomers by heating or adding a small amount of initiator(white aluminum oxide). This advantage is important for polymers with high transparency and good electrical properties. Because there is no other reaction medium, the process is relatively simple(100 grit aluminum oxide white). When the monomer conversion is very high, the monomer separation process can be omitted, and the granular resin can be directly produced.

It has the following characteristics: fast polymerization rate and high molecular weight of the product(steel shot abrasive). Another characteristic of lattice polymerization is that various free radicals in the polymerization system are very active. In addition to the coordination with monomer molecules, free radicals can also be transferred with some solvent molecules(white fused alumina manufacturer). Its morphology is hard solid, high viscosity melt or high viscosity solution.

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