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Aluminium Oxide Polishing Powder Manufacturers UK

The process is to prepare water soluble colloid of A12O3 H2O(white aluminum oxide). Ceramic corundum abrasives are made by chemical ceramic process using a sol gel Sol-gel (SG) process. Under the action of grinding force, when the ceramic corundum abrasives are broken after wear, they break along the grain boundary, which is micro broken, rarely macro broken, so the loss of abrasive particles is less, the wear is less, and the service life is longer(black synthetic corundum). The ordinary ceramic bond has a high fire resistance.

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After gelation, it is dried and solidified, then broken into granules, and finally sintered into abrasives(white corundum). In addition, for the ceramic corundum abrasives, in order to make full use of the performance of the ceramic corundum abrasives, it is necessary to obtain a high-performance bond and determine the corresponding preparation process of the abrasives(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), thus ensuring the self sharpening function of the abrasive tool and the stability of the grinding performance.

The results show that the secondary heat treatment process has a great influence on the particle size and mechanical properties of nano ceramic corundum abrasives(corundum sand). In general, each ceramic corundum abrasive particle is composed of thousands of submicron or micron sized fine crystals. The size of the abrasive crystal is 1 / 15 ~ 1 / 200 of the size of the ordinary corundum abrasive crystal, which makes the abrasive particles have many sharp cutting edges(black alumina).

Ceramic corundum abrasives based on sol-gel technology are a new type of alumina abrasives with excellent properties(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The composite can reduce the transformation temperature of 8-al2o3 + a-Al2O3 by about 270 ° C, and the obtained abrasive samples have fine grains, high degree of densification and good mechanical properties(chrome corundum). At present, China's ceramic corundum abrasives mainly rely on imports, and its production technology is monopolized by a few Western countries.

Compared with self corundum abrasive, because of its superior self sharpening, high wear resistance, high machining accuracy and long service life, it has a good application prospect in many high-end machining fields(100 grit aluminum oxide). When the sintering temperature is high, the alumina microcrystalline in the ceramic corundum abrasive grain will grow abnormally, which will damage its microstructure and affect the grinding performance of the abrasive tool(pink fused alumina).

Therefore, the research and development of ceramic corundum abrasives is of great significance for the long-term independent development of China's national industry(white fused alumina)! During the effective service life, the tiny grains (i.e. cutting edge) on the surface layer of abrasive particles are gradually separated from the abrasive particles under the action of grinding force, and new micro cutting edge is constantly exposed, which makes the abrasive particles always in a sharp state(black aluminium oxide).

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