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Aluminium Oxide Polishing Powder Suppliers Taiwan

In the second stage, the total strain varies with the polymer(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The branched polyethylene, polyester and polyamine can reach 500%, while the linear polyethylene can reach 1000%. Then, the third stage is that the specimen after necking is uniformly stretched again, development of large deformation(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media), and the stress increases with the increase of strain until the fracture point.

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In crystalline polymers, the micro products are also rearranged, and even some products may break into smaller units, and then the products will recombine in the case of orientation(garnet abrasive price). However, as long as the surface is heated near the melting point, it can shrink to the non stretched state(fused aluminum oxide). Therefore, the large deformation of the polymer is essentially inelastic, only the deformation is frozen by the newly generated crystal.

The two kinds of tensile processes all go through the stages of elastic deformation, bending explosion ("necking"), and "strain hardening", etc(glass beads manufacturers). the materials in the later stage of tensile show strong anisotropy, and the large deformation before fracture can not spontaneously recover at room temperature(arc fused alumina). The stretched material is not easy to return to the original non oriented state below the melting point.

The stress-strain in the tensile process of the polymer trapped in 2-7 can return to its original state after heating, so in essence(brown fused alumina), the two kinds of Laffer pass through The large deformation caused by Cheng is high elastic deformation. However, the degree of polymerization is often reduced and the orientation is difficult during the crosslinking process(150 grit aluminum oxide), so the excessive crosslinking is not always beneficial.

They can be cold drawn in different temperature range(brown aluminum oxide). The cold drawn temperature range of glassy polymer is that of the end product polymer, but it is cold drawn between T and t(fused alumina). The more important and essential difference is that the stretching process of the product polymer is accompanied by the change of the molecular Hao set state structure, which is much more complicated than that of the glass polymer.

The latter only takes place in the orientation of the molecular chain and does not take place in the phase transition(steel shot abrasive), while the former also includes the sulfur damage, orientation and recrystallization of the product. For example, the tensile strength of high-pressure polyethylene is lower than that of low-pressure case ethylene(green carborundum), while the impact strength on the opposite side is higher than that of low-pressure polyethylene.

However, the strength and modulus of aromatic heterocyclic side groups should also be increased, for example(brown aluminium oxide), the strength and modulus of polystyrene are higher than that of polyethylenem. With the increase of molecular weight branching degree, the distance between molecules increases, and the force between molecules decreases(60 grit aluminum oxide), so the tensile strength of polymer decreases, but the impact strength increases.

Moderate crosslinking can effectively increase the connection between the molecular chains and make the molecular chains less prone to relative slip(glass bead abrasive). With the increase of crosslinking degree, Guixiang is not easy to deform and its strength increases. For example, after the crosslinking of polyethylene, the controlled elongation strength can be increased by 1, and the impact strength can be increased by 3 ~ 4 letter(aluminium oxide blasting).

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