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Aluminium Oxide Polishing Powder Wholesale Suppliers UAE

The instrument can also transmit the indication value to the pneumatic or electric secondary instrument remotely(glass bead abrasive). Induction flowmeter uses electromagnetic induction phenomenon. When the conductive liquid flows through a uniform magnetic field, just like a moving conductor, it induces an electromotive force in itself(brown alumina abrasive), which is proportional to the average velocity of the material flow. 

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In recent years, due to the development of continuous process lines(steel shot abrasive). The amount of chemicals needed in chemical treatment depends on the content of solid materials and iron impurities in the slurry. When the above measurement is carried out, the weight flow of solid materials can be obtained by multiplying the two results(white fused alumina abrasives). The signal of the rheostat is also transmitted to the input end of the amplifier.(aluminium oxide polishing powder wholesale suppliers uae)

The volume flow of slurry can be measured by inductive flowmeter, while its density can be measured by densimeter(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). The strain image is connected to the corresponding arm of the bridge. An example of the weight method used in the abrasive tool industry is the device described in the literature(white corundum price), which is suitable for measuring the amount of solid material in a chemical treatment device (conical hopper).

(aluminium oxide polishing powder wholesale suppliers uae)In order to multiply the data of slurry flowmeter and densitometer(brown fused alumina), a sensor must be used, which converts the measurement results into corresponding electric pulse (a multiplier introduced in the literature is used),the parameter to be measured. The voltage obtained from the slide of the slide wire rheostat shall be connected to the input of the amplifier in reverse phase with the signal of the measuring bridge(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit).

The measuring range of solid materials is 800-1500 kg, and the error is about 5%(brown aluminum oxide). In order to display the height of the material surface, there is a buoy in the conical hopper, which acts on the signal device composed of mercury contact and signal lamp. The operation principle of acoustic flowmeter is based on the measurement of ultrasonic oscillation phase caused by moving medium(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). The lever rests freely on the support.(aluminium oxide polishing powder wholesale suppliers uae)

The measurement method is that when the slurry reaches the specified material level (controlled by float type material level indicator), the weight of conical hopper is weighed by strain weight sensor(brown aluminium oxide). The chemical treatment device is arranged on three strain weight sensors, which are connected with a lever of the sensing element(white aluminium oxide 180/220). The lever is pasted with an extrusion strain resistor and a tensile strain resistor.

(aluminium oxide polishing powder wholesale suppliers uae)The amplifier is connected to the measurement diagonal of the bridge through a change-over switch, and its output terminal is connected with a reversible motor(glass beads manufacturers),  and then converts the pulse into a signal consistent with the flow of solid material, and is movably connected with the pointer of the indicator and the slide block of the sliding wire rheostat powered by AC(brown aluminium oxide grit). The device can weigh several (up to 12) hoppers at the same time.

For this reason, the measuring bridge is connected with the amplifier through a transfer switch controlled by a synchronous motor(garnet abrasive price). According to the phase of the unbalanced signal, the reversible motor rotates in a certain direction and moves the slider of the slide wire rheostat until the signal of the measuring bridge is equal to the signal of the rheostat(white aluminium oxide 180/220), it is necessary to measure the flow of solid materials in slurry.

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