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A transformer is an electrical appliance that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to transfer electrical energy or signals from one circuit to another(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). The amount of electrical energy delivered is determined by the power of the electrical appliance(alumina abrasive). During the inspection on rolling or oily equipment, if the protective measures are not in place, it may cause a slip or mechanical injury. 

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Process principle: According to the equipment factory design data and on-site equipment operation conditions, the equipment is used to predict the accident(aluminium oxide blasting media). When inspecting high-altitude equipment such as driving vehicles, the protection measures are not in place to cause a high-altitude fall(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). Transformer is a device that uses electromagnetic mutual induction to transform voltage, current and impedance. 

Technological process(150 grit aluminum oxide): Perform spot inspection work according to the operating route of the production process equipment in the mining area. During the inspection inside the equipment, the equipment suddenly operated, causing mechanical injury(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). During spot inspection of cranes and other sports equipment, operators must stand in the designated safe position and cannot walk around casually(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). Power off the equipment before checking the equipment. 

During the temperature inspection of the equipment, the temperature of the equipment was too high and the hand was burned(glass bead abrasive). When inspecting electrical equipment, inadequate protective measures or improper operation may cause electric shock(aluminium oxide sand). Work tasks to undertake the maintenance and repair work of all electrical circuits and electrical equipment and high and low voltage substation equipment in the mining area(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). 

Environmental factors: electric shock injury(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media). Control measures: wear high-grade insulating gloves when switching off or powering off. When moving ladders, pipes and other long objects in outdoor substations and high-voltage rooms, two people shall be placed down for handling, and sufficient safety distance shall be kept from the live parts(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). Control measures(corundum sand): Wear non-slip shoes when commuting to and from work on rainy days. 

For temperature spot inspection items, a temperature measuring instrument must be used, and it is strictly forbidden to touch and inspect the parts above 70°C(steel shot abrasive). The electrical equipment to be inspected must first be confirmed whether it is live, and whether protective grounding or zeroing measures have been taken(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). When installing high-voltage power distribution equipment, prevent touching live equipment(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas).

The installation and removal of grounding wire shall use insulating rod and wear insulating gloves(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). During the maintenance work of low-voltage electrical appliances and motors, the power should be cut off and shut down for maintenance. Corresponding measures should be taken when the power can not be cut off or shut down(aluminum oxide abrasive media). After each operation is completed, one should be checked after it is correct. 

Take strict precautions against pulling and closing the knife room with load(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). Misoperation caused by unclear handwriting on the operation ticket. According to the design drawings and on-site confession, adopt the corresponding technology and operation methods to carry out the accurate operation(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). According to design requirements, use bulldozers and excavators to build temporary roads leading to the working face(aluminum oxide blasting grit).

The name, number and location of the equipment should be checked before operation(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). According to the site geological conditions or process technical conditions, the method of stripping will be changed and arranged by the production technology unit. "V" mark, review after all operations are completed(garnet blasting media). The operation must be performed one by one according to the order in which the operation ticket is filled.

Power failure error caused by misoperation(aluminium oxide blasting). Electric arc burns human body caused by live switching. During low-voltage power distribution operation, first confirm that the power has been cut off, connect the ground wire and check the power without error(alumina grit). After the stripping operation is completed, the quality and technical office organizes the inspection and acceptance of the glass area(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). Environmental factors; slippage.

During the operation, the guardianship repetition system should be carried out carefully, and the issuing operation command and the repetition operation command should be serious and clear, and the voice must be loud and clear(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The sequence of removing grounding wire is the opposite(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). In order to prevent misoperation, high-voltage electrical equipment shall be equipped with anti misoperation locking device. 

When it is verified that the equipment has no voltage, the maintenance equipment shall be grounded immediately and discharged in three-phase short circuit(aluminum oxide grit blasting). The post personnel shall operate in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the safe operation instruction and post responsibilities(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). If the grounding grid resistance does not meet the requirements, insulating boots should also be worn in sunny days.

If it is necessary to cooperate with the maintenance personnel, the maintenance personnel shall make safety notification before operation, eliminate the occurrence of "three violations"(silicon carbide grit), remember the hazard sources of the post, and operate under the condition of confirming safety(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). In order to prevent misoperation, high-voltage electrical equipment should be equipped with a locking device to prevent misoperation(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). 

They must absolutely "keep the car (equipment) moving and the people and motor cars (equipment) stationary", and the sports equipment shall be driven by full-time personnel who have been specially trained and passed the examination(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). During spot inspection on rolling equipment or equipment with oil, the rolling equipment shall be fixed or anti-skid objects shall be padded on the equipment with oil(alumina sand).

Wear insulating gloves when closing the disconnector (knife switch) with an insulating rod or closing the disconnector (knife room) and circuit breaker (switch) through the transmission mechanism(80 grit aluminum oxide); When operating outdoor high-voltage equipment in rainy days, the insulating rod shall be equipped with rain cover and insulating boots(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). The installation of grounding wire must be carried out by two people. 

Switching operation is prohibited in case of lightning(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). During power inspection, use an electroscope with appropriate and qualified voltage level to conduct power inspection on each phase on both sides of the incoming and outgoing lines of the maintenance equipment, and wear insulating gloves for high-voltage power inspection(sponge media abrasive). The task is to undertake the spot inspection of all equipment in the mining area(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). 

The installation of grounding wire must be connected to the grounding end first and then the conductor end, and must be in good contact(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). When the sliding line is installed and working at heights, the ladder must be erected stably and the safety belt must be fastened to prevent falling from heights(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). For the installation of hard bus, when bending the bus with blowtorch heating tool, keep a safe distance to prevent scalding.

Electric shock accident caused by inadequate insulation protection(aluminium oxide powder wholesale price bahamas). After power failure, the equipment may still carry residual electric energy, causing electric shock hazard(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The operation ticket shall be filled in with pen or ball point pen. The ticket surface shall be clear and tidy and shall not be altered arbitrarily(silicon carbide powder). During line laying operation and maintenance, a safe distance shall be maintained to prevent electric shock.

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