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Aluminium Oxide Sandblasting Suppliers In China

The detailed analysis is as follows: the proficiency of the operator in the operation method and the mastery of the parameters of the sandblasting parties are the main factors affecting the mechanical and material "brown corundum" methods; the machines used in the use of aluminum oxide abrasive sandblasting mainly include manual sandblasting machine Automatic sand blasting machine, vibration type grinder, etc.

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Material, the material here refers to brown fused alumina. In most cases, the model and size used for sandblasting range from 30 × 3 to 320 × 3. When choosing between them, it depends on the sandblasting effect to be achieved. The method here refers to the method that meets all the above conditions. It is an important method to standardize the required parameters through continuous testing, and to operate strictly according to the aluminum oxide grit established standards.

(aluminium oxide sandblasting suppliers in china)In view of adding different sintering aids and the amount of sintering aids in bauxite, the influence of sintering temperature and properties of brown aluminum oxide was studied. The experimental conclusions are as follows: sintering temperature has a significant influence on the properties of black oxide aluminum abrasives. At 1500 ℃, the water absorption and porosity of the samples were significantly lower than those of sintering at 1450 ℃.

On the whole, the samples sintered at 1500 ℃ have lower water absorption, less pores, larger bulk density and better compactness. The amount of sintering additive and sintering temperature have obvious effect on the flexural strength of white corundum abrasive. When sintered at 1500 ℃, when the content of MgO and TiO2 accounts for 4% of the total content of bauxite, the flexural strength of the brown fused alumina manufacturer abrasive is the highest, reaching 198.38.

(aluminium oxide sandblasting suppliers in china)It can be concluded that the addition silicon carbide price of a small amount of MgO can promote sintering and inhibit grain growth, and the addition of a small amount of titanium oxide can improve the strength and toughness of the brown corundum abrasive. The hardness and wear resistance of brown (white) corundum abrasives are also affected by the amount of white fused alumina manufacturer sintering aids and sintering temperature. 

The common problems in the use of green carborundum sandblasting are not too "human, machine, material and method". At 1500 ℃, when the content of ZrO2 accounts for 2% of the total amount of bauxite and MgO accounts for 1.5% of the total amount of bauxite, the highest microhardness of the brown corundum abrasive is 1580.49, and the lowest wear is 1:11, that is to say, the higher the hardness of the black fused alumina is, the more wear-resistant it is.(aluminium oxide sandblasting suppliers in china)

The stability and pressure of mechanical equipment, projection distance, airtightness and silicon carbide companies sandblasting time are all important factors affecting sandblasting. Based on the above reasons, in the ceramic industry, for the thermal expansion coefficient of the green and glaze, the green is slightly larger than the glaze, so that the glaze bears the compressive stress when it is cooled. As a more prominent raw material product, white fused alumina suppliers has significant characteristics and is widely used in the industry.

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