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Aluminium Oxide Sandblasting Wholesale Suppliers

The appearance of brown aluminium oxide is brown uncolored, and its main chemical composition is al? O?, its content is 94.5% ~ 97%. It has the characteristics of high hardness, large toughness, sharp particle and low price. It is suitable for grinding metals with high tensile strength. In the absence of other white fused alumina price abrasives, it can be replaced by it. It is widely used for rough grinding of common steel, such as carbon steel, general alloy steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, etc.

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The second-class abrasive of white fused alumina is often used for grinding rice wheel, resin cutting wheel, sand tile, emery cloth, sandpaper and other corundum white corundum. The hardness of white corundum white corundum is slightly higher than that of brown corundum, but when the toughness is slightly lower, it is easy to cut workpiece. It has good self sharpness, less heat, strong grinding ability, high efficiency, and brown fused aluminium oxide higher price lattice.(aluminium oxide sandblasting wholesale suppliers)

It is suitable for grinding steel with higher hardness, such as high-speed steel, commercial carbon steel, and quenched steel , alloy steel, etc. Single crystal corundum single crystal corundum abrasive particles are composed of a single crystal, and have good multi edge cutting edge, high hardness and toughness, strong grinding ability, less grinding heat, the disadvantage is that the production cost is high, waste gas and waste water are produced in the arc fused alumina production, and the output is low.

(aluminium oxide sandblasting wholesale suppliers)It can be used for white aluminum oxide grinding hard and tough metal materials, such as stainless steel, high vanadium high speed steel, heat-resistant alloy steel and workpieces that are easy to deform and burn. Considering that the single crystal corundum abrasive is limited by production conditions, it is generally recommended only for grinding heat-resistant alloy and hard to black silicon carbide grind metal materials. Microcrystalline corundum is a derivative of brown corundum.

Its appearance, color and chemical composition are similar to those of brown corundum. It is characterized by small crystal size (50-280 / μ m), good abrasive toughness, high strength and self sharpening. It is suitable for grinding stainless steel, carbon steel, ball milled cast iron, etc. in grinding mode, it is suitable for forming grinding, cutting grinding, fine grinding and heavy load grinding. Heigang jade belongs to the derivative variety of brown corundum, and its appearance is black.(aluminium oxide sandblasting wholesale suppliers)

It can be called steel sand or green silicon carbide refractory sand. It is characterized by low Al? O? Content and a certain amount of Fe? O? (about 10%), so the hardness is low, but the toughness is mostly used for free grinding, such as grinding or rough grinding before electroplating of products, and also for making coated abrasives, resin cutting pieces, polishing blocks, etc. Chrome corundum is a derivative of white corundum. Its appearance is rose. Its hardness is similar to that of white corundum.

(aluminium oxide sandblasting wholesale suppliers)Its toughness is slightly higher than that of silicon carbide abrasive with high strength, good grinding performance and high grinding accuracy. The abrasives made of this kind of abrasives have good shape retention and similar application range with white corundum, especially suitable for fine grinding and forming grinding of various cutting tools, measuring tools and instrument parts. Generally, chrome corundum has better grinding performance than white corundum.

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