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Reduce the crack waste and identify whether the white fused alumina suppliers raw material ratio of binder is reasonable. In the drying process, the length and volume of the binder are reduced, which is called drying shrinkage. In the process of firing, the shrinkage of length or volume is called firing shrinkage. The 100 grit aluminum oxide white factors that affect the sintering shrinkage of the binder are as follows: the properties of the binder.

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When the binder is melted to a certain temperature, the melt will be filled in the pores of the abrasive tool, brown fused aluminium oxide which will reduce the porosity and increase the apparent density. Under the action of melt surface tension, the particles get closer. Kaolinite in the binder is transformed into mullite and cristobalite after melting. Because of the low density of kaolinite and the high density of mullite, the brown fused alumina oxide binder shrinks.

(aluminum oxide abrasive media suppliers malaysia)Crystal transformation of solid phase in binder. -The white aluminum oxide density of quartz is 2.64g/cm, the density of β - cristobalite is 2.32g/cm. The binder with more quartz content will obviously reduce the shrinkage. The determination of reaction capacity is to use the experimental bond and corundum abrasive to make a test block, and pour it into the test block at high temperature according to the regulations.

Solid phase sintering. In silicon carbide abrasive, SiC does not dissolve the bond, only a thin SiO2 film formed on the surface of SiC reacts with the bond (thickness is less than 10 μ m), so the reaction capacity is usually only for corundum abrasives. In the process of high temperature sintering, the wholesale brown fused alumina melting of Al2O3 improves the high temperature viscosity of the bond and prevents the sintering deformation of the abrasive.

(aluminum oxide abrasive media suppliers malaysia)When the viscosity of the binder is low, the white fused alumina crystal is easy to grow. The solubility of Al2O3 increases the viscosity and inhibits the crystal growth. Because of the reaction ability, the thermal expansion coefficient of binder and abrasive tends to be the same. The factors affecting the reaction ability of the binder are chemical composition, white aluminum oxide abrasive size, firing temperature and holding time.

After comminution, it was treated with nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid to separate the binder and the white fused alumina price. Then, the content of alumina in the binder was determined by chemical analysis method and compared with that in the original binder. The concept of sintering range of binder is the same as that of clay (or take it directly from the white fused aluminium oxide grinding wheel). The solid phase sintering of sintering binder will produce shrinkage. 

(aluminum oxide abrasive media suppliers malaysia)A new phase produced in culture. The larger the Al2O3 / SiO2 ratio, the wider the white corundum sintering range, the smaller the sintering range. The determination method is the same, the difference is that the sintering range of binder is generally narrower than that of clay, but considering the stable sintering process and brown aluminum oxide 250 grit product quality, the sintering range of binder is required to be wider (generally higher than 30 ℃).

The brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers sintering range is also related to the dispersity of the binder, with fine particle size, narrow sintering range, fast heating rate and narrow sintering range. In essence, the plasticity of the bond is a reflection of the plasticity of the clay it contains and the amount of the brown fused alumina suppliers plasticity viscosity it contains. Because clay is only a part of bond, the plasticity of clay is always higher than that of bond.(aluminum oxide abrasive media suppliers malaysia)

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