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Aluminum Ooxide Blasting Abrasive Manufacturers In China

For the applicable environment of brown aluminum oxide, we should first understand the characteristics of brown corundum: high hardness, uniform white particles, good fluidity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The scope of application is also very wide. On the surface polishing of various materials, brown corundum is still an advanced grinding material, which can be used for lenses, glass and jade of various materials.

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brown fused alumina can be used in a high temperature environment. Brown corundum does not burst, pulverize and maintain its performance characteristics during use. Not every corundum has such characteristics. The scope of application of corundum abrasive is very wide. There will be contact in various industries. Brown corundum is used in high or low temperature environments and its performance is very stable.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers in china)

The characteristics of its aluminum oxide abrasive media are high hardness, good fluidity, low expansion coefficient at high temperature, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Brown corundum in use has the characteristics of no burst and no chalking. At the time of production, the alumina abrasive manufacturer can use the particle size specified by the user for production and processing, which is not only user-friendly but also convenient for users to use.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers in china)Unlike other corundum, the scope of use of 100 grit aluminum oxide white is mainly in refractory materials, grinding wheels, and sandblasting. The addition of brown corundum in the refractory can make its performance more stable, and also improve the performance of the refractory. Sand blasting is mainly used in copper, aluminum, glass, ceramics, jeans and other related fields, while 180 grit aluminum oxide is used for free grinding in various lenses, glass, jade and other related products.

The size of corundum particles can also be selected for production. 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media also has a good effect in filtering water quality. It is suitable for: purification of reference water, wastewater treatment, targeted application to non-ferrous metal beneficiation and petroleum drilling. Through the understanding of the domestic market, it has been found that the white corundum mullite product, the sintering plate, has been widely used in the industry.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers in china)Currently, 240 grit aluminum oxide materials are widely used in the market. It is mainly thought that domestic and domestic technologies have made great breakthroughs in this area, thereby overcoming the original A series of problems with the product. In fact, for white corundum mullite burn-in boards, brown fused alumina manufacturer the most prone to bending is the problem of bending and deformation. What causes this?

In addition, the white fused alumina suppliers material of the setter plate needs to be pressed and sintered at a high temperature before it can be formed, so that its expansion details and high-temperature flexural strength are no longer within the ideal range, resulting in deformation of the product. The new technology is to improve this aspect, and reduce the expansion coefficient of white fused alumina manufacturer mullite bearing plate and increase its high-temperature flexural strength through reasonable pressure to meet various conditions of use.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers in china)

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