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Aluminum Oxide 180 Grit Blast Media Germany

Screening and purification is mainly to further remove impurities such as J dust, metal filings, fiber bundles and pulp(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). The difference between the two sides is relatively large, but the equipment is relatively simple and easy to operate in production(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). It is suitable for producing multilayer paper and cardboard. From the pulp and papermaking process, we can give paper a definition: paper is a sheet-like product formed by fibers suspended in a fluid intertwined on a net, and then pressed and dried.

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There are many varieties and specifications of base paper, and their quality is expressed by a series of physical and mechanical performance indicators(wholesale brown fused alumina). The requirements of coated abrasives on base paper also include strictly controlling these indicators to meet their own needs(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). The side of the base paper attached to the copper wire of the paper machine is called the reverse side (also called the net side), and the other side is called the front side, and the softer the base paper.

Thickness refers to the thickness (mm) of the paper sample directly measured under a certain pressure(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). This is an important physical performance index, which greatly affects other physical and mechanical properties. Cut a 50 × 50 mm or 50 mm diameter test piece parallel to the side of the original sample, and mark the direction corresponding to the side of the original sample(brown fused alumina factory). A direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction is called a lateral direction.

The measurement is performed on a paper thickness gauge(brown fused alumina oxide). Tightness refers to the weight of paper per cubic centimeter in grams per centimeter. Tightness is calculated by quantitative and thickness. Under the same quantitative condition, the tightness is large, the thickness is small, the paper structure is compact, the strength is strong(buy brown fused alumina), but it is easy to break; on the contrary, if the tightness is small, the thickness is large, and the paper structure is loose and soft.

The method of vertical and horizontal discrimination is as follows: Cut two pieces of paper about 200 millimeters long and about 15 millimeters wide perpendicular to the side of the original sample(white fused alumina). Overlap it, pinch one end with your fingers, and bend the other end freely to the left or right of the finger. If the two papers overlap, the upper one is horizontal; otherwise, the lower one is horizontal(brown fused alumina 60 grit). It mainly depends on the strength of the fiber itself, and is also closely related to thickness and tightness.

Basis weight is also called basis weight, which refers to the weight of the base paper per square meter, the unit is grams / meter(white aluminum oxide). The test piece was then floated on the water surface, and the direction of the axis when the test piece was rolled was longitudinal(white fused alumina oxide mfg). Folding resistance refers to the number of times the paper can withstand 180 ° reciprocation under a certain tension (until it breaks). It reflects the brittleness of the paper, that is, the ability to resist folding, the more times.

Front side and reverse side: The base paper is divided into two surfaces(white corundum). The front is smooth and flat. The method of distinguishing the front and the back is usually to observe the structural difference between the two sides of the paper with the naked eye, that is, to fold the paper pattern for observation and comparison. Another method is to dry a piece of paper in an oven and observe the curling method(brown fused alumina suppliers). The side that curls inward is usually the reverse side, the better the degree of folding.

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