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Aluminum Oxide 180 Grit Blast Media Indonesia

They accumulate over time and reach a depth of about 20mm(wholesale brown fused alumina). In the gas and combustion air, it contains a certain amount of alkaline oxides. In terms of materials, there are metal (mechanical) burners and ceramic burners. Most of them are sleeve metal burners or ceramic burners(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). It can be seen from the figure that the heat storage and heat exchange of the hot blast stove are performed periodically. 

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Taking the internal combustion hot blast stove as an example(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit), the fuel ejects the hot gas after combustion in the lower part of the combustion chamber and rises along the combustion chamber and enters the heat storage. After combustion and heating(white aluminium oxide manufacturer), high-pressure gas is blown into the heat storage chamber, and it is heated by the heat stored by the grid bricks(mainly potassium oxide).

After that, it is drawn out from the middle of the combustion chamber and blown into the high protection(brown fused alumina suppliers). Once the supply air temperature drops below the required temperature, it is switched to transfer(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). These substances chemically react with fire bricks to form alkaline aluminosilicates, causing volume changes in the bricks to cause tissue damage, cracking, and reduced strength and high temperature performance.

The hot blast stove itself is under load(brown fused alumina 60 grit). Therefore, in order to ensure the continuous supply of high-temperature preheated air to the blast furnace, each blast furnace is generally equipped with 3 to 4 hot blast stoves. The flow and pressure of various gas and air must be continuously adjusted, so the transmission and control system of hot blast stove equipment is an important part(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). The combustion heating cycle repeats itself.

The simplest is manual operation(white fused alumina). Electricity is widely used. Operating equipment such as hydraulic transmission and pneumatic are also developed. Therefore, the furnace wall of the internal combustion type hot blast stove is a weak link of the hot blast stove(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). The normal operation of the regenerative hot blast stove requires that the valves in its equipment system be continuously switched on and off. Blow in and gradually heat up.

The hot blast stove is affected by the following aspects in the work(white aluminum oxide). When the hot blast stove is in the heating state, the temperature of the combustion chamber is very high, and the temperature of the furnace roof can reach 1500 ~ 1560C. The temperature gradually decreases from the vault along the furnace wall and the grid brick(buy brown fused alumina). When supplying air, high-speed cold air flows from the bottom of the heat storage chamber.

Therefore, hot blast stove linings and lattice brick rooms are often subject to rapid cooling and rapid heat changes, that is, to thermal stress(white corundum). This causes the masonry to crack, crack and peel. Especially the furnace wall of the internal combustion hot air stove is most prone to loosening and dumping of the masonry, and even causes a "short circuit" and passively stops the furnace for maintenance(white fused alumina oxide mfg). Attacked by alkali metals.

After the chamber heats the grid bricks, it is discharged through the flue from below(brown fused alumina oxide). The ash after combustion contains 20% iron oxide, 20% zinc oxide and 10% alkaline oxide. Most of these substances are discharged out of the furnace, but a few components adhere to the surface of the masonry and penetrate into the inside of the masonry(brown fused alumina factory). The widespread use of high-quality refractory bricks has also enhanced their resistance to chemical attack.

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