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Aluminum Oxide 180 Grit Blast Media Philippines

The latest development of carbon composite alkaline refractories is the research and use of various MgO-CaO-C quality bricks(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). CaO refractories are being used in high-grade steel smelting furnaces due to their excellent refining effect and thermodynamic stability(white alumina powder). While developing MgO-C bricks in China, we are also conducting research and development of MgO-CaO-C quality bricks, kneading and molding at normal temperature.

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As the prices of dolomite and magnesia refractories are very different, and considering that China's magnesite resources are relatively concentrated(aluminum oxide blast media), while appropriately increasing the cost of refractory materials, and developing new varieties of refractory materials such as MgO-CaO-C refractory materials used under long-term high-temperature refining conditions(low density white alumina). In the future, the requirements for high CaO-containing bricks will increase.

The production of Mg-Ca and C-quality bricks requires high-purity(white aluminium oxide 180/220), high-density, and good hydration-resistant alkaline refractory materials containing free CaO. It is advantageous to partially mix Mg in the fine powder, it is used as a substitute for MgO-C bricks or as a complete furnace matching Varieties should focus on reducing the consumption of refractory materials(alumina grit), due to the problem of hydration of free Ca, which can be prepared for various compositions.

For example, high-purity sintered dolomite, synthetic magnesium dolomite, and sintered CaO can be used(brown aluminium oxide grit). When special political treatment is used, Clinker can also use high-purity fused dolomite, magnesia dolomite brick, and fused CaO clinker(black alumina). Bricks made from different raw materials can also be called dolomite carbon bricks, magnesium dolomite phosphor bricks, and magnesium lime carbon bricks. The slag has good slag resistance products.

Because the composition contains free CaO, how to prevent the hydration of free CaO is the first issue that needs to be considered in production and use(white fused alumina). The production of MgO-CaO-C bricks can be used Coal asphalt binder can also use petroleum heavy oil series high carbon binder, or a specially modified phenolic resin as a binder(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). The phenolic resin used is a novolac type. The special modification treatment eases the resin Hydrophilic.

When coal tar and petroleum-based high-carbon binders are used, the production of MgO-CaO-C bricks can use the same process as tar dolomite bricks, which usually need to be mixed and shaped in the hot state(white aluminum oxide). When a phenolic resin is used as a binding agent, the same production process as a magnesium carbon brick combined with a phenolic resin can be adopted, that is, and the distribution of dolomite resources is relatively scattered(aluminium oxide blasting).

In order to increase the bulk density of the product and increase the carbon bonding(white corundum); it is very effective to further coke the pressed bricks with tar pitch, which can significantly improve the performance of the product. Regarding the particle size coordination problem in the production of MgCaO-C bricks, the Ca-containing raw materials are mostly added in the form of particles(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). MgO-Ca-C bricks are made of non-burning refractory crystals.

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