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Aluminum Oxide 180 Grit Blast Media Price Thailand

The life of the bottom-blown oxygen converter lining is lower than that of the top-blown converter(white aluminium oxide manufacturer), especially the life of the furnace bottom is shorter, so the removable bottom is generally used for easy replacement. The bottom of the furnace is made of resin-bonded magnesium carbon brick and a new type of tuyere brick(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). The chemical composition of magnesium carbon brick is: MgO, 77.3%, CaO, 0.6%, and C21.4%.

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Bulk density is 2.79g / cm, compressive strength is 41.9MPa, high temperature flexural strength is 7.6MPa(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). Except for the bottom of the furnace, the other parts are basically the same as those of the top-blown rotor, and the material of the furnace lining is similar(brown fused alumina for grinding). This is convenient for pneumatic conveying, good adhesion to the lining bricks during spray repair, and small rebound loss, and it also rarely causes thermal peeling.

Special masonry is used for masonry, and the base of the furnace is tamped with alkaline refractory ramming material(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). Furnace life is also comparable to that of top-blown oxygen converters. A few months ago, oxygen repair technology was widely used in oxygen converters at home and abroad(brown aluminum oxide blast media). It is an important auxiliary measure to increase the age of the converter. There are three spraying methods: wet method, dry method and flame method.

The refractory spray coating is composed of alkaline refractory materials(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit), chemical binders and plasticizers, and sometimes admixtures such as heating agents are added to improve adhesion and sinterability. The maximum particle size when formulating refractory spray coatings is generally 3mm, and sometimes 5mm is used(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). The coarse and fine particles must be fully adjusted. Fine powder is the key, and superfine powder is the best.

Alkaline refractory materials mainly include magnesium chromium, magnesium, dolomite and magnesium dolomite(brown fused alumina). Chemical binders are mainly sodium silicate, phosphate, chromate, sulfate. Among them, CaO content has increased recently(brown fused alumina grit). The pouring should be started in time after tapping, so as to properly reduce the tapping temperature and reduce the erosion of the furnace village during the blowing process.

The first two are the most commonly used, and spray coatings formulated with surface phosphate are most effective(brown aluminum oxide). The high-temperature flexural strength is 0.28 ~ 1MPa, and the high-temperature adhesion strength is 0.15 ~ 1.1MPa. Therefore, it has good bonding performance with the furnace lining brick(black silicon carbide suppliers). The age of the economic furnace is determined by the minimum consumption after various costs are combined.

The latter three materials are more commonly used(brown aluminium oxide). In addition, modified phenolic resin, carboxymethyl cellulose, carboxy vinyl, and sodium acrylate can also be used as a binder for fire-resistant spray coatings. Plasticizers can improve the plasticity and thixotropy of refractory spray coatings(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh), reduce co-elastic loss, help to form a good spray repair layer at high temperatures, and extend service life, and various magnesium salts. 

The refractory spray coating for oxygen converter mainly uses magnesium dolomite or magnesia as raw materials(brown fused aluminum oxide factory), polyphosphate materials as binders, and 3% to 5% slaked lime is added to form high melting point substances such as calcium phosphate salts to improve spraying. High temperature performance of the patch(black silicon carbide factory). The main chemical composition of this type of spray paint is: MgO, 80% ~ 86%, CaO, 5% ~ 12%.

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