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Aluminum Oxide 180 Grit Blast Media Suppliers China

The bottom of the furnace is mainly attacked by slag iron, especially molten iron, and the erosion is generally a garlic-shaped bottom(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Because the slow corrosion of the hearth and hearth lining is not easy to repair, the life of the hearth and hearth often determines the life of a generation of blast furnaces(brown aluminium oxide grit). Blast furnace cooling is an important condition for the formation of protective slag skins, iron shells and graphite layers.

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The water spray cooling structure is light and simple, and large and medium-sized blast furnaces in China are mostly used as backup cooling means, and small blast furnaces are used more(120 grit aluminum oxide). It reduces the temperature of the refractory lining itself and gives direct protection(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). The advantage of using a steam-water mixture for cooling is that the latent heat of vaporization is large, which can save a lot of water and recover low-pressure steam.

The cooling media used in the commercial furnace are: water, wind, and steam-water mixture(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). Wind has lower thermal conductivity than water, and the cooler tends to overheat when the heat flow intensity is large, so it is mostly used in places where the cooling intensity is not too large(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). The cost of using air cooling is more expensive than water, but it is safe and reliable, so the bottom of the blast furnace is often cooled by air, which is being widely used in high jealousy.

In the lower part of large and medium-sized blast furnaces abroad, there are some ones that use carbon bricks inside the furnace shell to spray water on the outside(100 grit aluminum oxide). The diameter of a water spray hole is 5 ~ 8mm, and the spray direction should be inclined upward 45 ° ~ 60 °(white aluminium oxide 180/220). The water spray of the furnace belly should also be set with several circles of splash-proof plates, and the gap between its lower edge and the furnace shell should not be greater than 10 ~ 15mm.

It also protects the strength of structural parts such as the furnace shell(brown fused alumina). In order to prevent gas leakage from around the cooling water tank, a sealing device is used. The simple way is to insert the cooling water tank into the bracket shell fixed on the furnace shell, and fill the gap with asbestos and water glass(aluminum oxide blast media). The disadvantage is that the cooling intensity is not large, so it is mostly used in the upper part of the furnace body, and the effect is also good. 

In some blast furnaces, a layer of non-replaceable cooling fins is tightly arranged in the furnace wall from thin to thick, or between the furnace belly and the furnace waist, or between the furnace waist and the furnace body(brown aluminum oxide). Straight-blowing pipes are now also commonly lined with cast steel pipes, the cooling wall has the advantages of uniform cooling, which are lined with refractory bricks and are also tamped with heat-resistant concrete(best alumium oxide for glass blasting).

The gap between each other is only 20 ~ 40mm to protect the furnace waist support ring on the hearth pillar(brown aluminium oxide). The grate-supported cooling water tank can better support the brick village, and the cooling water tank itself has a flange ring fixed to the furnace shell, so the seal is good(silicon carbide 180 grit). In summary, compared with the cooling water tank, smooth furnace wall, small feeding resistance, and complete furnace shell, so the strength and sealing are good.

The advantage of the cooling water tank is that the cooling intensity is large and deep (but uneven, so there is a large temperature gradient in the furnace wall), it can support the refractory brick lining(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media), can be replaced, and the inner water pipe can still be used when the outer water pipe is damaged. Work and light weight(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). There are flat horizontal type and support beam type in the appearance (actually, the mold cooling water tank).

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