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Aluminum Oxide 180 Grit Blast Media Suppliers Portugal

The sequence of events should record the sequence of actions of various important events that need to be transmitted remotely(alumina blasting), the time the event occurred (year, month, day, hour, minute, second, millisecond), event name and nature of the event. With screen printing, various report printing functions(white corundum sand); running daily report, monthly report, electricity daily report, monthly report, etc. timing and call printing, time printing.

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Various report data should be converted into EXCEL format to facilitate the secondary application of data(silicon carbide companies). Can support multiple CDT protocols issued by the ministry to realize communication with the power dispatcher. In the computer control mode, and all switches for 10kV general distribution and 10kV distribution have two control modes(white grain aluminum oxide a 220): you can input operating instructions through the keyboard and mouse click menu commands.(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media suppliers portugal)

The input signal processing should include functions such as photoelectric isolation(black oxide aluminum), contact anti-shake processing, hardware and software filtering, reference time compensation, data validity, correctness discrimination, etc.; automatic printing of alarm records, measurement value out-of-limit records, switch value displacement in case of accidents Records, correctness discrimination, event sequence records(steel shot abrasive), accident guidance reminders and accident recall records, etc.

(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media suppliers portugal)With remote maintenance function: you can view remote measurement and remote signaling information(green carborundum), view protection action events, remotely query and modify various parameters of the system, view protection self-check information, and perform remote signal reset. Pulse input signal processing should include functions such as contact anti-shake processing, data validity, and scale conversion(aluminium oxide powder), real-time database and historical database retention for one year.

The 220/110kV switchyard and all switches have two control modes: remote computer and on-site, remote computer and on-site(fused alumina). Multi-level passwords, control the five-prevention lockout function, each operation has confirmation information, and the action can be performed only after confirmation(garnet abrasive price). The time from the start of the dual-machine switching to the function recovery should not exceed 30s. and calculate the electricity consumption of the switch station.(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media suppliers portugal)

Electrical parameters include three-phase AC power(silicon carbide price): U, 1, P, Q, KWH, cosp, KVARH, f, harmonic components, all DC power U, DC power, DC current hours, DC voltage hours. An independent alarm accident screen is set on the host of the accident alarm. Alarm processing can be performed when the collected analog quantity exceeds the limit(white fused alumina powder), the digital quantity is displaced, and the computer system self-diagnostic failure, and can realize the display screen hard copy function.

(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media suppliers portugal)Selectivity means that when the power system fails, the protection device only removes the faulty component(arc fused alumina), so that the non-faulty component can still operate normally, so as to reduce the power outage range. Selective; if protection 7 refuses to move or 7DL refuses to move, protection 5 moves and 1 trip 5DL (selective)(glass beads supplier); if protection 7 and 7DL act correctly on trip, protection 5 moves and 1 trip 5DL, then skips trip (non-selective) ).

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