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As early as many years ago, people knew about the use of chemical methods for taper corrosion processing(arc fused alumina), but at that time people used this process seldom. Until the 20th century, with the development of the aircraft industry and the emergence of controlled speed cranes(black alumina), especially when the profile is still curved in the full length, and the position was the same as when the taper processing was started.

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In order to ensure the processing quality, no matter how small the taper is, it should be Ensure that there are at least two lifting times(brown fused alumina). Only then did the basic principles of this processing method be applied to the manufacturing of wing girder, various wing and fuselage length and wing rib frame parts(glass beads supplier). The important significance is that they show that the edge of the chemical cutting material cannot be completely vertical.

(aluminum oxide 20 grit wholesale suppliers canada)The specific processing method of taper corrosion is(brown aluminum oxide): adopt the method of immersing the parts into the corrosive agent at a constant speed for many times and propose from the corrosive agent, Only then did this craft find its place, so that the corroded parts form a certain taper after processing(pink fused alumina), and the size of this dimension can be Different design requirements can be achieved through the speed and number of lifting.

Regarding this application, this method is suitable for processing long and small taper parts, which is often difficult to machine with long and small taper(brown aluminium oxide). This method is to use a corrosion groove deeper than the length of the part, and determine the lifting speed and times of the crane according to the taper of the part(fused alumina). Taper corrosion is rarely used in ordinary civil applications, and is generally concentrated in the aerospace industry.

In order to obtain the highest structural efficiency, it is required to make the thickness of the profile continuously and uniformly thinner along the entire length(silicon carbide price). If the machining method is adopted, it is obviously very difficult to process the continuously changing taper on such a thin product, the machining will be more difficult to perform(black aluminium oxide), and the The chemical dimension corrosion method can easily solve this problem.(aluminum oxide 20 grit wholesale suppliers canada)

The following is a simple example to introduce one-dimensional processing methods, so that everyone has an intuitive understanding of taper processing methods(green carborundum). After cleaning, install a crane with adjustable speed on the groove, and then quickly lowered by a crane and put into the corrosive agent until the liquid level is flush with the 300mm line on the plate until(black oxide aluminum). The processing methods on actual parts will not be introduced in detail here. 

(aluminum oxide 20 grit wholesale suppliers canada)Therefore, continue to lower the plate until the 1000mm dimension cut surface is completely immersed in the corrosive agent (marks should be made on the edge of the plate in advance to avoid exceeding the limit when falling)(silicon carbide companies). Production process: Then, the crane was made to lift the parts from the corrosive agent at a speed of 112mm/min(black aluminum oxide blast media), the plates with a thickness of 8mm are hung vertically on the corrosion tank.

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