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Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Abrasive Manufacturers USA

The settlement method and overflow method are based on the theory of particle settling velocity. The aluminum oxide blasting abrasive quality inspection shall be carried out after the micropowder is loosened. The inspection items include chemical composition and particle size composition. The white alumina powder particle size composition shall be checked by the settlement pipe analysis method according to the national standard.

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For example, lac castable can prolong the service life of blast furnace after it is used as refractory for steel trough. brown fused alumina is not only used as abrasives, but also as refractories, high temperature insulating materials and precision casting sand. The corundum used is mainly black aluminum oxide media, high alumina corundum and hollow ball white corundum. White corundum has high purity, high melting point and good insulation performance.(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive manufacturers usa)

The industrial aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit (i.e. alumina powder) is melted in an electric arc furnace. High pressure air of 0.5-0.6 GPA (5-6 atmospheric pressure) is used to blow out the molten liquid. In addition to porous grinding wheel, grinding rubber, plastic, etc., mainly used as refractory. In addition to aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive grinding application, it is also used as high-grade refractory, high-temperature electrical insulation material and precision casting molding sand.

It can be used as high-grade insulating refractory material for electric arc extinguishing switch, fuse tube and other brown aluminum oxide equipment. When smelting corundum, 0.02% ~ 3% ZrO2 hollow ball is added into the molten liquid to make the lining of stainless steel annealing furnace, without damaging the luster of stainless steel. In addition to using high-quality and high-purity aluminum oxide 40 grit raw materials, measures have also been taken in the refining process.

(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive manufacturers usa)But the synthetic corundum price is high, so in addition to the field of electrical engineering and precision casting, the low price high alumina corundum has replaced white corundum as a high-grade refractory. High alumina corundum is made from high quality bauxite, petroleum coke and cast iron scraps by smelting aluminum oxide abrasive media in an electric arc furnace, which contains Al2O3 > 98%, or ha for short.

It is a new type of brown aluminium oxide refractory and heat insulation material. After smelting, the residual carbides and iron and other impurities are further removed by pickling, high temperature oxidation and other methods. According to the requirements of users, high alumina corundum can be supplied after pickling or calcination. For example, graphite electrode is used to reduce the impurities from electrode to alumina abrasive melt. 

(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive manufacturers usa)By using low voltage, high current and adding more carbon, the alumina grit refining time can be prolonged, more impurity oxides can be reduced and separated from corundum melt better. It can be seen from the table that the alumina content of high alumina corundum is close to or up to that of white corundum, while the titanium oxide content is significantly lower than that of 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media.

Therefore, the color of artificial corundum is not brown black, but gray black to light brown. After testing, the apparent porosity of the high alumina corundum block (without acid pickling and calcination) is 2.90%, and the true specific gravity is 3.94g/cm. By X-ray diffraction test, a-Al2O3 is more than 90%, the total amount of (CA, TiO2, at) is less than 3%, and there are a small amount of 60 grit aluminum oxide y-al2o3 and glass phase.(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive manufacturers usa)

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