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Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Abrasive Suppliers Germany

Therefore, the ladle can be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the ladle(steel shot abrasive). The service conditions and environment of ladle air permeable brick are quite engraved, so higher requirements are put forward for the use of ladle air permeable brick(pink fused aluminum oxide). It was not until the mid-1960s that a better gas permeable and purifying material appeared, so that the molten steel was fully homogenized and degassed.

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Argon blowing in ladle is a kind of simple secondary refining method which is widely used(glass beads manufacturers). At present, hydrogen blowing at the bottom of ladle is mainly used to uniform the composition and temperature of molten steel, remove inclusions and improve cleanliness(240 grit aluminum oxide powder). In the early 1950s, espire / "first of all, porous media was used to enter argon to stir molten steel. Porous materials restricted the wide application of this technology.

(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive suppliers germany)The development of ladle air permeable brick has experienced three generations(180 grit aluminum oxide): the first generation of clay dispersion permeable brick, because of the uncertainty of its pores, the air flow rate is difficult to control, and its resistance to molten steel erosion and slag erosion is poor, so this type of permeable brick is not conducive to the progress and development of steel-making technology(aluminium oxide manufacturers), and is gradually eliminated.

As a result, it affects the effect of argon blowing, and limits the mobility of metallurgical operations, so it can not provide very reliable air permeability(garnet abrasive price). The damage mechanism is due to the thermal stress caused by the extremely cold and hot temperature change of the ladle air permeable brick, which makes the micro cracks in the material gradually expand(black corundum price), resulting in the peeling and fracture of the air permeable brick.(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive suppliers germany)

When the copper clad air permeable brick works for a period of time, it will produce fracture, erosion and other damage phenomena(low soda alumina). It improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost. The second generation corundum straight through porous brick has low repeated blowing rate(white fused alumina powder). At present, the materials used to make porous bricks are magnesium, magnesium chromium, corundum and chrome corundum.

(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive suppliers germany)In addition, foreign particles repeatedly block the channel, resulting in its service life is low(glass bead abrasive), which makes it impossible to carry out argon blowing process inside the brick body and the gas gap between the permeable brick and the surface of the brick will reduce the pressure in the channel, which will cause the molten steel to be sucked back into the channel and block Channel(alumina company), resulting in deterioration of ventilation effect.

That is to say, the third generation corundum slit type air permeable brick has made up for the above defects(240 grit aluminum oxide), with large ventilation capacity, good mixing effect, high repeated blowing rate, erosion resistance, corrosion resistance and good high temperature performance(aluminium oxide powder price). The erosion resistance and erosion resistance of the composite are greatly improved, but the erosion rate is still higher than that of the bottom.

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