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Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Abrasive Suppliers India

Due to the 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media production needs, now, more and more enterprises buy sandblasting machine accessories, and sandblasting machine accessories are applied in more and more industries. First high place, then low place, first small area, then large area. The 1200 grit aluminum oxide spraying sequence is: hard first, easy second, inside first, and then outside. Cleaning in an open house is not allowed.

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Sandblasting machine accessories are different from ordinary 220 grit aluminum oxide equipment, if not used correctly, it will cause harm to employees' bodies. The anti-static level of the automatic sandblasting machine has nothing to do with the package of the automatic sandblasting machine and depends on the chip itself. When 100 grit aluminum oxide media working, it is not allowed to exceed the allowable pressure of sandblasting machine accessories (usually within 6 atmospheric pressure).

In this way, the spray mist will not splash on the white fused alumina sprayed paint film and damage the sprayed paint film. We talk about some basic requirements for use: when the enterprise cleans the oxide scale, rust, oil, salt and other dirt on the workpiece by sand blasting and shot peening, some dust will be produced, 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media which will cause air pollution. Therefore, the accessories of sand blasting machine shall be set in a separate house.

Especially during 80 grit aluminum oxide sand blasting, this section shall be equipped with strong air intake and exhaust ventilation (air change 15-20 times per hour). In addition to the general ventilation system to improve the working conditions, the sand blasting cleaning equipment shall be mechanized and sealed as carefully as possible to reduce the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media dust in the house.

The white aluminum oxide working pressure is determined by the boiler inspection organization and shown in the certificate of each machine. When working near the accessories of sandblasting machine, wear the work clothes made of dense cloth and special hat with air (with three layers of glued glass). Operators of 240 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting machine accessories shall be trained in special safety technology, but some work can be done after passing the technical knowledge test.

Workers should be aware of the safety measures to prevent sand flow from hitting when moving and placing fine grit aluminum oxide workpieces on machines with a pressure exceeding atmospheric pressure, as well as the safety measures to prevent current from hitting when working beside the moving and driving mechanisms. In addition, Baitong sandblasting machine accessories factory has special technical personnel for 46 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting machine accessories.

As long as you have requirements, we will help you design a complete and effective solution, such as our special white corundum sandblasting room. With the continuous development of automatic sandblasting technology, its application scope has expanded to sandblasting machine, so the concept of "automatic 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media sandblasting technology" has emerged. Therefore, enterprises should consider all aspects of factors and find a reasonable treatment plan. 

The so-called automatic 180 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting technology refers to the use of new automatic sandblasting technology, structure and form to actively intervene and guarantee the quality and circulation safety of commodities; the use of information collection, management, control and processing technology to complete the optimization management of automatic 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight sandblasting technology.

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