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Aluminum Oxide 30 Or 40 Grit Manufacturers Taiwan

The supporting ring is connected with the trunnion and is located on the bearing seat through the trunnion, while the converter is located on the supporting ring(glass bead abrasive). Then connect the pedicle body with bolts. Oxygen lance is the key part of oxygen supply mechanism of converter. The oxygen gun barrel is used for oxygen supply and cooling(black silicon carbide powder). At the beginning, most of the single hole Laval nozzles were used.

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The support ring and the furnace shell shall be safe and reliable, and the stress caused by the thermal expansion of the furnace shell shall be prevented from damage(steel shot abrasive). Generally, the pin or support inclined block shall be used for connection and welding. Trunnion is usually hollow shaft (with water cooling inside), which is the transmission part to transfer low speed(aluminum oxide blasting media), heavy load and large torque to converter and supporting ring, mechanical and chemical effects.

The function of tilting mechanism is to rotate the furnace body, which is the key equipment of converter(white aluminium oxide super fine). Its types include floor type tilting mechanism, semi suspension type tilting mechanism, suspension type tilting mechanism and hydraulic drive tilting mechanism. The picture shows the suspended tilting mechanism(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). At present, some advanced converters generally use hydraulic transmission tilting mechanism, as shown in the figure.

Oxygen lance nozzle is an important part of oxygen lance(white fused alumina). At present, porous nozzles have been widely used. The multi hole nozzle can be divided into 3-hole Laval nozzle, 3-hole straight cylinder nozzle, 4-hole, 6-hole, 7-hole, 8-hole Laval nozzle and some special purpose nozzles. The oxygen supply mechanism also includes auxiliary gun(carborundum abrasives), oxygen gun lifting mechanism, replacement of meal loading, control gate valve and measuring instrument, etc.

The trunnion support seat is a component supporting the whole weight of furnace shell, furnace lining, molten iron (scrap steel), etc(white aluminum oxide). The furnace structure of bottom blown oxygen converter is similar to that of top blown oxygen converter(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). The lining of rotary furnace is composed of working layer, filling layer and permanent layer, and the working layer is directly connected with molten steel, slag and furnace Gas contact is constantly eroded by physical.

The difference lies in that the former is equipped with a movable furnace bottom with a nozzle(white corundum). In addition, the trunnion structure is complex, hollow and has an opening through which the pipeline for transporting oxygen, bottom fixed part and pipeline fixed part, protecting medium and powdery flux is led to the furnace bottom and connected with the distributor(silicon carbide grit). At the same time, magnesium storage brick was also tested. Mechanical damage and impact.

The filling layer is between the working layer and the permanent layer, which is generally rammed with tar magnesia or tar dolomite(glass beads manufacturers). The bottom of bottom blown oxygen converter includes bottom steel plate, bottom plug, nozzle, etc. the structure of top bottom combined blown oxygen converter is basically the synthesis of top blown oxygen converter and bottom blown oxygen converter(green silicon carbide powder), but it is different in air supply components.

Its function is to reduce the extrusion of the furnace shell when the furnace lining expands, avoid damaging the permanent layer, and facilitate the removal of the residual bricks in the working layer(garnet abrasive price). The permanent layer is used to protect the furnace shell, which can be built by firing magnesia bricks, tar combined magnesia bricks, etc., and is generally not removed and replaced when repairing the furnace(carborundum grit). The effect of high temperature heat flow.

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