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Aluminum Oxide 30 Or 40 Grit Manufacturers UK

The composition of bauxite used: Al2O3, 44.2%, Fe2O3, 24.66%; SiO2, 2.08%; Cao, 0.33%; TiO2, 55%; loss on ignition, 24.78%(white corundum). General mineral composition: Bauxite 58%; hematite 15%; goethite 12% (including the isomorphic substitution rate of iron to aluminum about 25%); diaspore and diaspore 5%(white aluminum oxide 120 grit); kaolinite 2% ~ 3%; quartz 1% ~ 2%; dissolved mother liquor Na2O, 200g / L, Na2O, 12 ~ 15g / L, Mr = 3.0, t = 240 ℃.

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However, when the amount of lime is too large, the loss of Al2O3 will increase(garnet abrasive price). Obviously, the more lime is added, the lower the ratio of Na2O / Si02 is, the more favorable to reduce the alkali consumption. Therefore, the goethite can be completely dissolved at 240 ℃ by adding 7% Cao to 200g / lna2o circulating mother liquor. The test results of 2 h dissolution of bauxite with different lime content(brown fused alumina grit). When the CaO content is 7%, the dissolution rate of alumina is the highest. 

When the amount of Cao is 3% ~ 5%, the difference between the theoretical dissolution rate and the actual dissolution rate is 3.8% ~ 2.5%(glass beads manufacturers), which is consistent with the alumina content (3%) of goethite type in the raw ore(black silicon carbide suppliers). If the CaO content is increased to 7% ~ 11%, the goethite is completely dissolved, which is also confirmed by the agreement between the theoretical dissolution rate and the actual dissolution rate.

The analysis of X-ray diffraction data of red mud shows that there is a trace of goethite in red mud when the amount of lime is 7%(white fused alumina), but there is no goethite in red mud when the amount of Cao is 9% ~ 11%. The results also show that the transformation process of goethite into hematite depends not only on the amount of lime added, but also on the reaction time(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). Under the research conditions, the conversion rate of goethite to hematite reached the highest in 2H.

The replacement amount of Fe3 + - Al3 + in the hydrated garnet is more than 10%(glass bead abrasive). Meanwhile, the content of SiO2 in the hydrated garnet is also increased to 1mol. When alumina is produced by Bayer process with low alkali consumption, silica in bauxite reacts with sodium aluminate solution in the process of dissolution to form insoluble sodium aluminosilicate with water content(black silicon carbide factory), which causes the loss of alkali and alumina.

When lime is added into Bayer process(white aluminum oxide), part of SiO2 will be converted into hydrated garnet, so SiO2 in the red mud will be reduced, and the ratio of Na2O / SiO2 in the red mud will be reduced from 0.608 to 0.28-0.32 when the lime content is about 8% of the dry ore content. Under the condition of 280 ℃, Na2O, 190g / 1, C / S = 1.5, the hydrated garnet with higher ferrosilicon content can be obtained(aluminium oxide 36 grit), and the chemical loss of Na2O can be reduced by 40% ~ 50%.

The reason for the decrease of the ratio is that the content of NaOH and NaAl (OH) 3 in the additional salt decreases because of the transformation of Sodalite into nepheline by lime(steel shot abrasive). In the process of high-pressure dissolution, the hydration of garnet and sodium aluminosilicate hydrate will keep a certain balance, rutile type titanium mineral; and sodium aluminosilicate hydrate will not disappear completely(brown aluminum oxide blast media).

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