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Aluminum Oxide 30 Or 40 Grit Wholesale Malaysia

Because of the formation of titanate and aluminosilicate protective films in the dissolution of bauxite(aluminum oxide 40 grit), raising the temperature makes these protective films break due to recrystallization, and even without lime has good dissolution effect(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The influence caused by the difference of mineral morphology of ore tends to disappear with the increase of temperature.

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To a certain extent, strengthening stirring can make up for the shortcomings of temperature, alkali concentration, alkali quantity and ore particle size(glass bead abrasive). For example, at a temperature above 300 ℃, regardless of the mineral form of alumina hydrate, the dissolution process of most bauxite can be completed in a few minutes(150 grit aluminum oxide), and a nearly saturated sodium aluminate solution can be obtained, thus strengthening the mass transfer process. 

The effect of temperature on the dissolution of natural diaspore type bauxite is more significant than that of pure diaspore type bauxite(steel shot abrasive). The strong agitation makes the composition of the whole solution tend to be uniform, and the thickness of the diffusion layer on the surface of the ore particle will be correspondingly reduced(60 grit aluminum oxide). It can be seen from the equation that reducing the thickness of diffusion layer will increase the diffusion speed.

The relative movement between the ore particles and the solution in the pipe extractor and the steam directly heated high-pressure extractor group is realized by the flow of ore slurry(brown fused alumina). In the steam heated high-pressure digester group, the pulp flow rate is only 0.0015-0.02m/s, the turbulence is poor, and the mass transfer effect is not good(corundum sand). When the gibbsite type bauxite is dissolved, it is generally not required to grind it very fine.

The flow rate of slurry in the pipeline dissolver is up to 1.5 ~ 5m / s, and the Reynolds coefficient is up to 105 order of magnitude(brown aluminum oxide). In the high-pressure dissolver group of indirect heating mechanical agitation, the pulp not only moves along the flow direction, but also moves strongly under mechanical agitation(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), its molecular ratio is higher than the equilibrium molecular ratio, and the turbulence degree is also strong.

Sometimes it can be leached and dissolved when it is broken to 16mm(brown aluminium oxide). When the dissolution temperature is increased, the dissolution rate is determined by diffusion, so strengthening stirring can enhance the dissolution process(high purity fused aluminum oxide). In addition, it is necessary to improve the turbulence degree of pulp to prevent the heating surface from scaling and improve the heat transfer process, which is very important in the indirect heating equipment. 

The heat transfer coefficient of the equipment can be maintained at 8360kj / (M2 · h ·℃) when the pulp is highly turbulent and slightly scarred(glass beads manufacturers), which is about 10 times higher than that when there are blisters(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). The test is to use a small high-pressure extractor to dissolve the ore according to the specified conditions, and to ensure sufficient dissolution time, so that the dissolution process is not limited by the dynamic conditions. 

It has a high turbulence property, which is an important reason to enhance the dissolution process(garnet abrasive price). In the experiment, when the amount of circulating mother liquor is fixed and the amount of ore is increased step by step, when the amount of ore is small, when all Al2O3 is dissolved, the solution is still unsaturated(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive), and the dissolution rate of Al2O3 in ore reaches the maximum value, that is, the theoretical dissolution rate. 

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