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Aluminum Oxide 30 Or 40 Grit Wholesale Price Thailand

In fact, the process of animal glue dissolving is only a process of gelatin protein dissolving in water(white corundum). But they both have one thing in common, which is to prevent secondary hydrolysis. In order to distinguish it from boiling glue in animal glue production, it is called sol here(garnet abrasive price). It first expands in water, absorbs a lot of water, and then dissolves in water under the action of heat. With the increase of sol temperature, the viscosity of glue drops linearly.

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How to make animal glue dissolve in water as soon as possible without secondary hydrolysis? There are three main factors affecting the sol: soaking time, sol temperature and sol time(brown fused alumina price). The quality of glue liquid is expressed by its viscosity. Because of the secondary hydrolysis, the viscosity of the glue solution will decrease(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). It can be seen that the immersion time has little effect on the viscosity of the glue solution, but slightly increases with the increase of time.

Animal glue dissolves in water(black corundum). However, dipping can shorten the sol time and reduce the sol temperature, which can not be ignored. The increase of time and the decrease of viscosity begin to decrease quickly and then gradually slow down. That is to say, the longer the sol time is, the more secondary hydrolysis will occur, which is consistent with the boiling of animal glue(glass bead abrasive). Therefore, the sol time should be controlled as much as possible.

Therefore, the best sol production conditions are: soaking time 2 hours. In order to improve the production efficiency, the condition of long-time soaking was not adopted(white fused alumina). The water bath is heated by steam, and the temperature shall be controllable. Mix the glue and water in a certain proportion in the sol tank, soak the glue for a period of time, and then put it into the water bath pot(aluminum oxide 40 grit). The electric mixer stirs the glue liquid when it is sol.

The volume of the glue tank is determined according to the production volume, so as to achieve timely sol and timely use, so as to avoid time increase and viscosity decrease(pink corundum). There are three kinds of animal glue: gelatin, skin glue and bone glue. Among them, gelatin is the best adhesive, skin glue is the second, and bone glue is the worst(steel shot abrasive). But in terms of cost, gelatin is the most expensive and bone glue is the cheapest.

Therefore, three kinds of glue are generally used in combination(white aluminum oxide). The proportion of the combination should be determined according to the quality of the glue and the abrasive size of the abrasive cloth and sandpaper. The coarse particle size should be thicker than the fine particle size, so different glue formula should be made for different particle size of primer and compound glue(60 grit aluminum oxide). It is different from animal glue, which hydrolyzes the raw gum to glutin.

The usual matching ratio is: gelatin: 35-40, skin glue: 35-40, bone glue: 20-30(glass beads manufacturers). The coarser the abrasive particle size is, the more gelatin should be used: the finer the abrasive particle size is, the less gelatin should be used, but the amount of bone glue should not exceed one third of the total amount(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Due to the different use of glue solution, the proportion of glue is also different. The bottom glue should be thicker than the re glue.

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