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Aluminum Oxide 320 Grit Wholesale Suppliers Taiwan

The uniformity of tension(aluminum oxide polishing powder), that is, it requires the same amount of tension on the opposite direction, and the tension of a good screen is the same in each part. If the tension is not uniform, it is necessary to make the tension of some parts of the silk screen large, some parts of the tension is small(white corundum sand). When hunting the net, the pulling force on four sides should be uniform to prevent the mesh from tearing and the four corners tearing.

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This kind of situation will cause the change of image and text size in screen printing(white grain aluminum oxide a 220), which makes it difficult to guarantee the accuracy of image and text size, and affects the reproducibility of graphic printing. At the same time, it also makes the edge of text and text uneven, and even appears turtle pattern and mesh trace. If the mesh frame is twisted and deformed, the average tension on the screen cannot be exerted(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16). Easy to cause graphic moire and mesh marks.(aluminum oxide 320 grit wholesale suppliers taiwan)

This is very important to ensure the uniformity of mesh line number and opening per unit area(brown corundum powder). If the direction of the screen wire is uneven, it will inevitably lead to the uneven number and opening of the screen mesh, so that the ink through the uneven, affecting the quality of screen printing. From these conditions, aluminum mesh frame should be the preferred material with high strength, small deformation, light weight and moderate price(brown fused alumina powder). If the strength of the net frame is not enough, the net frame will deform in the process of the net.

In order to keep a good tension of the stretched net(aluminium oxide suppliers), a certain amount of pressure should be applied to the mesh frame before the screen is fixed to the mesh frame, otherwise the tension of the newly married net will drop quickly, resulting in insufficient screen tension. Mesh frame is to provide a support for the screen, so that the screen can maintain a certain tension for a long time(aluminium oxide polishing compound). No matter it is the positive tension and oblique net, but the requirements of fine net are the same.

(aluminum oxide 320 grit wholesale suppliers taiwan)It is required that the longitude and latitude directions of each piece must be at right angles to each other, or in the same direction(brown fused alumina for sale). When making plate with white silk screen, the diffuse reflection of white silk thread to light is large and the white active light is white, which will affect the photosensitive materials, and the accuracy of the screen plate is low(white aluminum oxide lapping compound). When stretching the mesh, about 3kg of tension is needed for each LCM wide screen, and 150kg for 50cm.

For the higher requirements of the mesh frame(aluminum oxide powder), before facing the net, the pressure should be applied to the center of the mesh frame edge to determine whether its strength meets the requirements. Tension can be measured with a tensiometer and felt by an experienced stretcher. When stretching the net, we should pay attention to the following points: enough tension and the uniformity of tension(brown corundum abrasive): enough tension means whether the net is tight or not.

The silk screen should be easy to inlay or bond with the mesh frame(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers); the material is light, high strength and can be reused, easy to install and register in operation. If the tension is too high, it is easy to break the German screen; if the tension is small, the screen will not be normal enough; if the picture and text printing deformation is large, it is difficult to separate the screen plate from the substrate(white aluminum oxide powder), resulting in the screen sticking.(aluminum oxide 320 grit wholesale suppliers taiwan)

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