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Aluminum Oxide 40 Grit Wholesale Suppliers China

The particle size composition of aluminium oxide blasting grit abrasives is tested in accordance with GB / T2481.1 ~ 2481.2-98 "Determination Method of Particle Size Composition of Abrasives". The density of brown corundum is tested according to relevant standards. Each batch of artificial corundum products is inspected and accepted in accordance with the technical conditions and attached with a pass mark.

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What is the production execution inspection standard for first-grade black alumina? Recently I saw that some people want to purchase first-grade brown corundum, but they do not know the quality, so they want to know the production execution inspection standards in particular. Today I will give you a simple I would like to introduce related content in this aluminum oxide blasting abrasive regard, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.(aluminum oxide 40 grit wholesale suppliers china)

Poor flowability. As the impurities such as volatiles on the fused aluminum oxide surface of the calcined abrasive are removed and the low-melting substances are burned off, the capillary phenomenon on the surface of the abrasive is increased, the bulk density of the abrasive is correspondingly reduced, resulting in poor fluidity. In addition to the price factor, the hardness of the synthetic corundum price abrasive must also be considered when choosing the abrasive blasting abrasive.

(aluminum oxide 40 grit wholesale suppliers china)Poor moisture resistance. As the capillary phenomenon increases, the specific surface area of the brown aluminium oxide increases, the hydrophilicity increases, and the ability to absorb moisture increases, so it will bring unfavorable factors to the sand of the coated abrasive. Sandblasting abrasives are indispensable in the field of sandblasting, so the development of alumina grit sandblasting abrasives also brings the development of the sandblasting industry.

Before the emergence of garnet, the most widely used blasting abrasives were quartz sand and aluminium oxide blasting. The former was cheap and the latter had high hardness, but with the development of the industry, both were slowly replaced by garnet. Quartz sand The comparison with garnet has been introduced before, today I will explain the difference between aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit and garnet in blasting abrasives.(aluminum oxide 40 grit wholesale suppliers china)

Everyone knows that brown aluminum oxide blasting abrasive is a consumable. Since it is a consumable, the purchase cost is very important. One of the reasons for brown corundum to be replaced by garnet is the price. This leads to the high price of brown corundum, which is several times that of garnet, but it is not as good as garnet in terms of black aluminum oxide media blasting effect, so from the price factor As a matter of course, garnet should be selected as the blasting abrasive.

(aluminum oxide 40 grit wholesale suppliers china)Generally speaking, when sandblasting, it is best to choose a aluminium oxide abrasive grit sandblasting abrasive with high hardness, but the material must be reversed. If the hardness is too high, the sandblasted object will be damaged, and brown corundum is such an abrasive with too high hardness. Compared with corundum abrasive garnet sand, the Mohs hardness is between 7.5-8, which is the most suitable hardness for sandblasting and rust removal.

 What are the main disadvantages of calcined brown fused alumina abrasive?The hardness of the abrasive is very important during the abrasive blasting operation. Brown corundum is an artificial abrasive, with many production steps, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The sandblasting effect is very good. In summary, and the specific gravity is reduced, garnet can replace aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive as the highest blasting abrasive in the field of use.(aluminum oxide 40 grit wholesale suppliers china)

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