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Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Blasting Grit Manufacturers UK

The purpose of refining is to fully reduce impurities, better precipitation and accumulation of brown fused alumina ferroalloy, smooth discharge of gas in the furnace, and further improve the temperature of molten liquid and expand the artificial corundum melting area. The quality and output of corundum are directly affected by the refining.

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When the electric furnace is transferred to refining, the charging will be stopped, and the lower voltage will be used to melt the brown aluminum oxide furnace charge that has been put into operation as much as possible, and the material layer will gradually reduce. In order to make the furnace condition stable in the refining period, it is necessary to adjust the proportion of the aluminium oxide sandblasting furnace charge before the refining, and it is better to have a little more carbon.(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit manufacturers uk)

Do not push the material too early during operation to avoid a large amount of new white corundum material falling into the melt. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the instability of furnace condition, influence the expansion of melting area or cause the forced shutdown in advance. The aluminium oxide blasting refining should be proper, if the refining is not good, the furnace cannot be shut down, otherwise the quality will be affected. But over refining not only increases the consumption of electric energy, but also does not benefit the product quality.

(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit manufacturers uk)In the case of large amount of carbon, excessive refining will even lead to reduction of part of alumina. The silicon carbide abrasive size and parameters of the electric furnace are related to the power of the electric furnace. Only the rated power can make the electric furnace in the best working condition. There are many aluminum oxide blasting abrasive cracks with the same thickness from top to bottom. The characteristics of refining are as follows: 

The green silicon carbide material layer in the furnace is very thin, the charge around the electrode is close to the molten liquid, and the liquid level is very stable; the current will gradually decline when the electrode is not moving, and there will be signs of solidification when the electrode slightly lifts the molten liquid, the gas escaping from the electrode root is not much, and the electric arc sound is consistent and uninterrupted; the stick inserted into the bottom of the molten liquid is very smooth, and the aluminium oxide abrasive grit shell on the stick is very thin.

(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit manufacturers uk)The carbon line accounts for about one third of the circumference of the stick, and the crystal is shiny. When the black silicon carbide melt is overheated, the furnace condition will be unstable. Therefore, the boiler should be shut down in time on the premise of ensuring the quality. To achieve the above degree, the current can be reduced gradually, and the gas can be discharged better, and the aluminium oxide blasting grit furnace will be shut down after 10-15 minutes.

In the refining period, the burden around the furnace must be pushed to the center of the molten pool, otherwise, the quality of aluminum oxide abrasive will be affected when it falls to the middle surface of the ladle. Smelting operation mainly includes load control, quality identification, feeding speed, furnace condition analysis and aluminum oxide abrasive media abnormal phenomenon treatment. In this paper, we mainly introduce load control: load control is to control the current and voltage of corundum smelting process.

(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit manufacturers uk)The power system of brown corundum smelting is basically based on the smelting stage. Use the maximum power during the opening period. The heat capacity of hearth is the lowest in the opening period, so it is necessary to supplement heat to accelerate the melting of charge. At the same time, the material layer is relatively thick during the opening period, the arc heat is not easy to radiate and diverge, and the objective conditions allow the use of large aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit power.

The time limit of aluminum oxide grit power is determined by two aspects. In terms of technology, it is required to use high power in the whole process before turning into the control period, and more importantly, it is determined by the overload operation capacity of the transformer. Generally, the furnace transformer is allowed to operate for 3 hours when the overload is 10%. General aluminium oxide grit suppliers power is used in smelting period. General power is equal to rated power.(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit manufacturers uk)

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