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Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Blasting Grit South Africa

The chemical composition of the sintered binder is characterized by more Al023 and SiO2 content and less low-melting matter. Various titanium oxides TiN in white fused alumina undergo transformation, diffusion, and crystallization during firing, and finally form stable rutile (TiO2) crystals. The content of impurities in 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media is small, and no rutile and magnetite crystals are found.

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When the sintering degree is poor, feldspar and quartz residues are also found in the binder bridge of the brown and white corundum abrasive tools. The boron-containing binders are all sintered binders, which have large fluidity, good high-temperature wettability, and strong reaction ability, which is conducive to improving the strength of abrasive tools. The redness of 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media tools is also related to the composition of the bonding agent.(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit south africa)

It is mostly used in places to improve the strength of abrasive tools, and coarse-grained and soft-grade hardness white aluminum oxide tools, high-speed grinding wheels, etc. with a small amount of binder. According to the 100 grit aluminum oxide media content of boron glass, the binder can be divided into three regions: boron glass content <15% is the low boron region, 15% to 30% is the middle boron region, firing atmosphere, and 30% to 50% is the high boron region.

(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit south africa)Samarium boron glass has a fire resistance of 640 ~ 690 ℃ and is a strong flux. In the low and middle boron regions, the strength of the abrasive tool increased significantly with the increase of boron content, but it was not obvious in the high shed region. The redness of abrasive tools is related to the quality of silicon carbide abrasive, one is the iron mixed with the 1200 grit aluminum oxide in the broken ball mill. firing temperature, and binder performance.

The plasticity of this type of binder and the strength of wet and dry blanks of white corundum tools are similar to those of the clay-feldspar system. The fluctuation range of raw material ratio: 20% ~ 40% clay, 15% ~ 30% boron glass, 45% ~ 60% feldspar. The effects on the fire resistance are more obvious for clay and boron glass. The already redened grinding tool is burned back under a reducing atmosphere, low density white alumina which can eliminate redness.

(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit south africa)Honing tools do not turn red after burning. The redness of white fused alumina manufacturer is due to the fact that silicon carbide abrasive grains contain more iron and iron compounds. After roasting at high temperature, they are decomposed and oxidized to red Fe2O3. They are dissolved in the liquid phase of the binder to dye the abrasives into red. The redness of 46 grit aluminum oxide affects the appearance and quality of products and should be avoided.

The source of iron in 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight may have two aspects: The remaining amount due to inadequate pickling; the second is that the C of Fe generated during the smelting process enters the silicon carbide crystal, and this part of the iron compound is not easy to wash off. Therefore, the aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit grinding tool will turn red when it is oxidized, but it will not turn red when it is fired in a reducing atmosphere.(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit south africa)

When the 240 grit aluminum oxide hardness is high, the binder content is large, the Fe2O3 staining area is enlarged, and the redness is severe. For example, introducing 1 or 2 raw materials such as talc, quartz, calcium oxide, and magnesium oxide into the bonding agent can effectively eliminate the redness and improve the color of the brown fused alumina manufacturer tool. The binders often used are clay-feldspar-quartz, clay feldspar-quartz-talc, clay-feldspar-boron glass and the like.

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