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Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Blasting Grit Suppliers USA

In the pressure range of practical application, the grinding efficiency is increased as the silicon carbide abrasive grinding pressure increases. After the grinding pressure is increased, the aluminum oxide grit abrasive particles are embedded in the surface of the lap, the cutting ability is enhanced, and the metal is removed more.

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However, if the hardness of the boring tool is high and the grinding pressure is too large, the aluminum oxide abrasive grains will be crushed due to excessive load, so that the cutting ability is reduced, the grinding effect is reduced, and the scratches on the surface of the workpiece are deepened, which affects the surface Roughness. Conversely, if the aluminium oxide blasting grit grinding pressure is too small, the cutting ability will be lowered.(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit suppliers usa)

The specific range of the grinding pressure is obtained by the test method by factors such as the white corundum material properties of the workpiece, the material properties of the grinding tool, and the applied pressure. Generally, the pressure is generally 0.05 to 0.3 MPa, and the coarse grinding is preferably 0.1-0. 2 MPa, and the aluminium oxide grit suppliers fine grinding is preferably 0.01 to 0.1 MP. The effect of the grinding speed on the grinding efficiency.

(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit suppliers usa)Under certain conditions, the grinding efficiency increases as the silicon carbide companies grinding speed increases. After the grinding speed is increased, the surface of the workpiece can pass through a larger distance in a unit time, and more metal is cut, thereby improving the grinding efficiency. When selecting the grinding speed, the aluminum oxide abrasive media machining accuracy, material, hardness, quality and grinding area of the workpiece should be considered.

The brown aluminum oxide grinding speed is generally between 10 and 150 m/min. For precision parts, it should not exceed 30m/min. Excessive speed will result in higher heat of grinding, causing deformation of parts and surface annealing (commonly referred to as yellowing), and cause dimensional expansion of the part. It is difficult to control the dimensional accuracy of the part, so that the 240 grit aluminum oxide surface of the part has more obvious abrasive grains Scratches.

(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit suppliers usa)Generally, manual rough grinding is performed 30 to 60 times per minute, and green carborundum fine grinding is 20 to 40 times. A reasonable grinding speed must be determined by experimentation. The grinding time is also one of the grinding elements. In the initial stage of grinding, due to the sharpness of the aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit abrasive grains of the abrasive, the geometry error and surface roughness of the workpiece are corrected quickly. 

As the grinding time increases, the brown fused alumina abrasive grains passivate, the cutting ability decreases, and the grinding effect Not obvious. If the grinding time is too long, not only the polishing accuracy will not be improved, but also the parts will be deformed due to the grinding heat, and the precision will be lost. Therefore, the 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight grinding pressure should be within a reasonable value.(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit suppliers usa)

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